Hello! I have btssb's Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories jsk in black. I was wondering what OTK socks/ tights would coordinate well with it and black shoes?

You guys are probably going to start thinking that I don’t know how to coordinate with anything but lace tights, but I totally say lace tights or socks, especially in white or ivory. I think the print has a very decadent and elegant look to it and the lace will play on that very well. That or something sheer with a pretty opaque pattern on it like these.

Where to have tights printed

The other day I got a question asking where shops like Holley Tea Time and Ophanim get their tights printed and I wasn’t able to get a direct answer but now I have fanmail from Holley Tea Time telling me all about it! So for those of you who were curious, here’s what she said.

Hello I read your post recently on that ask. I’m so sorry I get lots of emails and sometimes I never get to some emails and it gets lost in the sea of emails I have so sorry. I get my tights printed here :)

They are a printing manufacture in the united states. They are located in miami florida. The owner is very nice his name is Neal. I have ordered many times and most of the time my order comes perfect but sometimes I have flaws in some of my orders. They don’t do so well on quality control. I order 24 or 48 pieces and sometimes one is un-sell-able. All the tights are a ready made garment and where the fabric folds when its sublimated printed the print gets voids near the crotch area. This is normal for most sublimation printing where the item is a ready made garment. I have been using them for the past 3 years and each year they have increased the price on the tights. These are a list of shops that use the same manufacturing as I do for the tights / over the knee socks :) , , , , , ,, , there are a couple other shops but I forgot the shops. I have been looking also for a new tights manufacturing over the years but I still have now luck. I also found a Korean sublimation manufacturing in Los Angeles but ask for 5,000+ pieces on a project. The digital art wear is the place I have seen that makes custom printed tights at the lowest quantity. Hope this helps :) “



Dress: Innocent World Lynx OP

Bag: Innocent World

Wig: Lockshop

Tights and shoes: taobao

Accessories: offbrand



The outfit I wore for my last day in Cambridge before coming home for the vacation. I’ll really miss the city, but I really need a chance to rest a little before exam term! (Although now I’m straight onto studying, revising and waitressing, so it’s not really a break ^^;;)

I’ll try to keep posting photos of my co-ords, but I tend to end up wearing my tea shop uniform a lot in the vacation ^^;;

hey, I was just wondering if you knew a good place to find inexpensive lavender/purple socks/tights to match anna house 013-1364 in, well, lavender/purple haha.

We Love Colors tights in lilac should work. They may be a bit lighter than the color of the skirt but it should look perfectly fine. You wouldn’t want to go with their lavender tights because they’re very dark. Not at all what I tend to think of as lavender.

It may be a stretch to ask, but I figured if anyone knew, it might be you: Do you happen to know where shops like Ophanim or Holley Tea Time get their tights printed? Or any good places to do so? I have a lot of designs in mind, but I just don't know where to begin. Sorry if this seems like a strange ask!

I tried contacting Holley Tea Time to ask about it but I never got an answer (that’s why it’s taken me so long to answer this particular question) so I went on a little hunt of my own and I found this which should be helpful to you.

I looked at your harlequin tights tag, but I didn't see the answer to my question ;A; Do you know where I could buy white x gold harlequin tights? All the ones I see have black diamonds but I would really prefer white diamonds. Thanks in advance!

I can’t think of tights at the moment but I can think of socks. Alice and the Pirates has made them and so does Enchantlic Enchantilly (aka Chantilly.) If I think of any actual tights or happen to come across some I’ll edit this or if it’s in a while I’ll share it separately.

do you have any suggestions for a coord with holley tea time's twinkle heaven tights?

For some reason the very first thing to come to mind was Bodyline’s L328 in lavender. I think it’s partially due to the fact that it doesn’t have a print so it doesn’t compete too much with the tights but it also has a lot of detail so you can do something OTT with it very easily. I would then put it with lavender shoes and then pink for the bag, hair accessory, etc. and then bring in stars and moons for the accessories. I think they would also look very cute with L362 in lavender. There are plenty of other dresses from other shops as well but Bodyline is often my go-to when a specific price range isn’t mentioned. You could also easily do pink or sax for the base color and then alternate them for the detail pieces, but for some reason lavender was my first thought.

I was thinking of getting R-Series Dear Friend JSK in mint green, and I was wondering do you think it would be better to go with a solid color sock or a print? If I did go with a print, would you have any recommendations? And would a bell petticoat be ok with it?

You could go with either solid or a print but if you were to do a print don’t make it too busy. If you look at the stock pictures they’re wearing printed tights but the print is concentrated near the ankles so it doesn’t compete with the print on the dress. You could do something floral or a lace print or you could go with something that has texture like lace tights or sheer tights that have an opaque design like these. I also think something like this would be very cute for warmer weather.
And yes, bell-shaped would be ideal.

what's your opinion on coords that involve dresses with simple colors and no prints but feature printed tights?

I think it’s fine, I just usually recommend incorporating the theme or at least the colors of the print elsewhere in the coord.