Hi! I was looking for some socks or tights (preferably tights) that would be good for aatp's Time of the Roses in navy as well as classic lolita in general, what do you recommend? Also, I don't really like heavily printed socks or tights. Thank you very much!

Everyone knows how much I love lace tights and sheer tights with opaque details so naturally I think these in either color they’re available in would be perfect. Other than a simple floral design like that, the best I could think of for someone who doesn’t like heavily printed legwear would be plain navy, cream, or dusty pink tights or socks.

Hi there! I own the Holiday of the Hulim Hulum JSK in blackxblack. What kind of socks/tights would you suggest I coord the piece with? I don't like the socks that match the set so I'm open to whatever alternatives you think would be good.

There are small roses in the print so maybe something gray/black with roses like this. A music print would work nicely too or just a pretty lace like these.

good afternoon! can u direct me to any tights or socks that are black, grey, or white with stars (sparkles) on them? thank you ~

This shop has a few options for you. They have some with stars and some with just sparkles.

What tights do you think would go with bodyline's L515 in black? Ive tried wearing solid black tights but it looks a little bit plain. What do you think of checkered or vertical stripes? too busy? Thanks!!~~

I definitely do not think checkers or stripes are the way to go. If you wanted a print socks may be the way to go rather than tights in this case. There’s a lot going on with the dress and I think having a little break between the dress and the socks will help keep it from being a little overwhelming. You could go with a print that has sweets like socks424, or bows like Secret Shop’s 502. If you wanted to do tights rather than socks I would keep it fairly simple with a more subtle print like hearts or bows. It’s a little more detail than solid black but it doesn’t take attention away from the dress.

HI !!! I have AP Toy Parade in white and I don't know if I should get white or pink Dreamy Baby Room tights! I'm planning on having a pink blouse and pink shoes. Please help. :-)

I would go with the white tights. I think there’s enough pink in the print on the tights that they tie in nicely without being completely pink.

Hello, I would like to ask wich one is better with bodyline L136 storenvy(.)com(/)products(/)2494011-free-shipping-tights-socks-sockings-pantyhose-baroque-rabbit-poker-lolita-g or storenvy(.)com(/)products(/)1989463-poker-tights thank you

The first ones. The second ones are much busier which I think will look bad with a dress that’s already busy. I think the first ones have just enough detail to tie into the print but aren’t overwhelming.



Thought bubble outfit with added Cthulhu!


Thought bubble outfit with added Cthulhu!



I love, love, love lavender ^_^

OP: Victorian Maiden

Blouse: Moi meme Moitie

Rose brooch (on the blouse): Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Socks: Juliette et Justine

Shoes: taobao

Everything else: Off brand

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Hello! I have btssb's Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories jsk in black. I was wondering what OTK socks/ tights would coordinate well with it and black shoes?

You guys are probably going to start thinking that I don’t know how to coordinate with anything but lace tights, but I totally say lace tights or socks, especially in white or ivory. I think the print has a very decadent and elegant look to it and the lace will play on that very well. That or something sheer with a pretty opaque pattern on it like these.

Where to have tights printed

The other day I got a question asking where shops like Holley Tea Time and Ophanim get their tights printed and I wasn’t able to get a direct answer but now I have fanmail from Holley Tea Time telling me all about it! So for those of you who were curious, here’s what she said.

Hello I read your post recently on that ask. I’m so sorry I get lots of emails and sometimes I never get to some emails and it gets lost in the sea of emails I have so sorry. I get my tights printed here :)

They are a printing manufacture in the united states. They are located in miami florida. The owner is very nice his name is Neal. I have ordered many times and most of the time my order comes perfect but sometimes I have flaws in some of my orders. They don’t do so well on quality control. I order 24 or 48 pieces and sometimes one is un-sell-able. All the tights are a ready made garment and where the fabric folds when its sublimated printed the print gets voids near the crotch area. This is normal for most sublimation printing where the item is a ready made garment. I have been using them for the past 3 years and each year they have increased the price on the tights. These are a list of shops that use the same manufacturing as I do for the tights / over the knee socks :) , , , , , ,, , there are a couple other shops but I forgot the shops. I have been looking also for a new tights manufacturing over the years but I still have now luck. I also found a Korean sublimation manufacturing in Los Angeles but ask for 5,000+ pieces on a project. The digital art wear is the place I have seen that makes custom printed tights at the lowest quantity. Hope this helps :) “