A Revised Guide to the Many Styles of Lolita

Two years ago I wrote up A Guide to the Many Styles of Lolita using my own art as examples, but with the help of some of my wonderful followers I have now revised the guide with more current information and new art! Enjoy the post under the “read more!”

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A for fun challenge: at least 3 separate coords One Sweet, One Classic, One Goth, and any other styles you'd like to do in a Halloween theme(either just Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, bats, ect or particular characters or anything in between) no price limit.

Wow! I just found this in my drafts from weeks ago and realized I never finished it! Better late than never I suppose!

Let’s start with Sweet using a trick-or-treat theme!
I’ll start with We’re All Mad Here’s Ebony Sweets JSK over this Chess Story blouse in pink. Then I’ll go with pink and black striped tights which I don’t always like but I think the stripes play well off the layout of the print and they give it a more Halloween-esque feel I think and I’ll go with these shoes in black because they have the tiny touch of white that’s found elsewhere in the coord. Then I’ll accessorize with these wrist cuffs in black, these earrings, one of these as a pin in black and white to wear as a brooch where the JSK strap meets the bodice, this necklace, and then I would top it all off with a pink bonnet with a few black bat bows in the brim.

For Gothic Lolita I want to do something particularly vampire-esque (I know it’s cliche but I really want to use this bolero I found for something.) I’m going to use this JSK in black for a simple base and then this bolero. I would take the bow off the front of the JSK so the bolero would fit better of course and maybe put he bow on the front of the bolero. Then I’ll do these tights and these boots, this hat with the red accents, these gloves, a necklace, and a ring or two, or even three, and finally this purse.

For Classic Lolita I’m going to go with a ghosty look. I’ll use this OP in gray and then this overdress for an extra soft and flowy effect. Then I’ll do these tights and these shoes, both in gray. Then I’ll go with a full veil for a very ghosty look and this ring.

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I want to buy l498 in pik colourway but am having a hard time coording it! I want to wear a long sleeved blouse with it, but I can't decide on a shoe colour or stocking colour! I was thinking of wearing candy themed accessories but I feel like that may be too much. What do you think?

(This is a great example of how to ask for coord help! You gave me an idea of what you want and asked for suggestions based on your thoughts. Just thought I would mention that I appreciate that!)

I think candy themed accessories would be great but if you’re worried about it being too much I would go somewhat simple for the main pieces. White for your blouse and stockings and pink for your shoes. That gives you a good canvas to work with so you can pull from the print for your accessories without things getting to be overwhelming. A lollipop here, a bonbon there, I think you could get away with quite a bit of candy without any worries.

Hello! I just got my first Sweet Lolita Coord with Bodyline's L547 (i coorded it here: tinyurl(.)com/k4k4aam ) and I was planning on getting accessories, but I wanted to see if you had any suggestions? Thank you for your time C:

My favorite thing about that print is the Kewpie theme so I would take advantage of that with a few little things like a pin and a ring which also ties into the dessert theme. You can also use cupcakes and/or tea pots and cups as inspiration for accessories. Then maybe add some white wristcuffs to match the lace tops of the socks and bring some detail down the arm and possibly swap out the bag with something less coord specific. Something simple and Sweet like a pink or white heart bag for example would be cute and work with more of your coords in the future.

Hello, I was wondering if Angelic Pretty's recent 'Pretty School' dresses (specifically the JSK in navy and grey) could be considered classic lolita, or would it fall under a different style? I'm not entirely sure which substyle it would be categorized as, do you have any idea?

They are definitely very Classic. I think that coordinated the right way they could either be used in an almost entirely Sweet coord or an entirely Classic coord.



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Can you help me with my first coord? I'm using Baby's Grace Baniran JSK in pink, and trying to make a Sweet/Classic coord that's floral/rose-themed to play off the rose lace—so far I've decided on a white blouse, Custom House model 70129 shoes in white or pink, pearl/gold jewelry, and a flower crown. I'm trying to work out my accessories, and I was just gifted Baby's Le Bouquet Basket Bag in pink, so I was wondering if you think it would work with this coord, or is it too country? Thank you :)

I think that’s really cute! I don’t think it would be too country, you just have to be careful with the flower crown because that can also push it in that direction. A floral corsage or something to that effect may be a better option. Something like this would be super pretty. Then just keep in mind that the basket bag sort of makes it seem more Springy/Summery so coord accordingly. 



More shots from that one time I wore lolita recently~~~

Sweet lolita isn’t really my thing so that coord is a little sparse @_@ I’m all about classic-sweet tho!

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