Would this headdress be suitable for lolita, or does it look to costumey? www(.)etsy(.)com/listing/97819977/lace-black-white-headband-with-white

I don’t think it looks very nice. The fabric and lace don’t look very good quality.

Thoughts on the quality of the clothes under the "lolita " tag in crazyinlove(.)com? (crazyinlove(.)es/buscador-de-ropa-gotica?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=lolita)

Not good at all and most of it isn’t very Lolita at all. They’re all resales of things from a few TaoBao shops that are known for below average quality.

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hi! i’m a very new lolita, i’m working on my first coord. it’s shiro lolita, and i’m pretty sure this is the exact outfit i’m using. i’m not doing the headband(headdress?) in the picture, i’m going to use a bow headband instead. from your experience, does this look like an ita outfit to you? (minus the headband used by the model, of course)

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Unfortunately yes, I would definitely say it looks ita. That is a very old dress from back when Bodyline was known for little more than poor quality and questionable designs and this is no exception. The design isn’t great and the quality, especially the quality of the lace, looks awful. I’m sorry but it is not at all a good dress.

Hello! I was wondering, how does DoL's quality compare to Bodyline's? You said that DoL isn't the worst, but are they worse than Bodyline? Or about the same? Because I've been considering getting one of their replicas, but if it's really bad then I don't want to waste my money. Thanks!

It depends on the items but in general I would say that Bodyline’s quality is usually better. DoL’s quality issues usually reside in the fabric. A skirt I had from them a while back used this really weird fabric that felt kind of rough and was very thin and the print didn’t look very good. While the original print was bright and vibrant and beautiful, DoL’s replica was flat and pale and didn’t do any justice to the print. Reading reviews I’ve found that a lot of people had the same issues with their items from DoL for many items while other items were perfectly fine. And it didn’t matter what the print was because a skirt of one print might be bad quality but then the JSK of the exact same print in the same color would be fine. It seems like their quality is hit-or-miss depending on when you get the item.

Are brand and/or etsy tights very good quality? I've had a lot of bad experiences with tights ripping and i'm hesitant to pay 20-30$ on a pair of tights that'll last for two days

That depends on a lot of things. Brand tights are probably going to be a bit different from etsy tights and then the quality is going to vary from brand to brand and shop to shop. I have a pair of tights from Teja Jamilla on etsy that I’ve had for almost two years and they have yet to get any holes or runs or any problems at all. They’re my favorite tights and the best quality tights I’ve ever owned. However, that’s one shop. I bought tights from Kawaii Goods and they were thick and adorable and super comfy but then I snagged them on something and tore a hole right through them.
The best advice I can give is to look for reviews on the specific shop or brand you’re looking at and also just be careful about any tights you wear. Tights are generally thin by nature and can sometimes run and rip easily so you just have to be careful with them sometimes.

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can this dress be considered as “ita” ?!prettyPhoto[media_gallery]/8/

I really can’t afford brand dresses >.>

so yeah, I’m kinda sticking to RQ-BL

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I don’t think it would be a good choice at all. The quality of the lace on the trim looks pretty bad, the lace overlay over the printed fabric doesn’t look very good, and the overall design is just odd. The fur trim with the lace sleeves and collar doesn’t make sense and look weird together in that way. I would definitely not recommend buying it, or really much of anything from RQ-BL for that matter. They’re well known for being cheap and not exactly in a good way and they often make things that they label as Lolita that are really not Lolita at all.
Your options aren’t limited to brand or RQ-BL. There are tons of other options out there for similar prices where you can actually get good quality and design. Please read through my FAQ and look through past posts and you’ll learn of a lot of good options for you.

[I think my ask got eaten, if it didn't I apologize for spam!] I'm starting out and hoping to get my first coord soon, but I am terrified of getting scammed and don't have a good eye for quality - does this petti look like good quality? It looks like it could be flat/scratchy to me, but I'm not sure. item(.)taobao(.)com/item(.)htm?spm=2013(.)1(.)0(.)0(.)Xuzxp8&id=15926745028

I don’t think it looks very good. The model is wearing it alone and it doesn’t look fluffy at all so I can’t imagine it would do much of anything when worn under a skirt. As you said, it does look flat and it also looks scratchy and uncomfortable.

OTT sweet blouse anon: the L265 bolero looks adorable, and the color would be OK for me. However the lace on the sleeves looks like it may not be the best quality. Do you think I would need to replace this lace after I order it?

I would say to remove it and if you wanted to replace it you could but I think it would look cute just without it too. I was able to find a review for it that said it wasn’t very nice. The little row of lace is cute, it’s the bigger ones that need taken care of. They probably wouldn’t be too difficult to remove especially since they’re partially covered by a ruffle so if you don’t do the prettiest job with it there will still be something to cover where it was attached, just be careful not to tear the fabric.

How good is the quality of f+f lace on their clothes?

It may vary depending on the item, but in general it’s very good. Everything I’ve had from them over the years has had very pretty and soft lace. 

Are the Shoes at Bodyline good quality? specifically the Pair: SHOES178 that are $40?

I have a few pairs of shoes from them and I’ve never been disappointed with their quality. Like any shoes they need to be broken in a little when you get them, but I’m always happy with them.