Lolita Coordinate Inspiration: Purses

I was looking around Mod Cloth the other day, trying to find a cute bag and I realized that they had a lot of really fun ones! So I decided it would be fun to make coordinates based on some of their really fun bags. I also added some from ReStyle just because I think I needed a darker touch.

Bunny Purse Coord

Ladybug purse coord
Watermelon purse coord

Fox Purse Lolita
Grapefruit purse coord

Vampire Chronicles purse Coord
Poe purse coord

Hi, I have the Bodyline Squirrel Party jumper (Bodyline-l391) in black. What type of pattern for the bag would you recommend for this, as I can't find a link to the matching bag in black anywhere... Also what kinds of tights/socks would go well with this ensemble?

I wouldn’t do a patterned bag. I think it would look too busy especially if you have the dress in pink where the print already stands out so much. I would choose a color from the print, pink being the most obvious, and just get a Sweet Lolita bag in that color. There are hearts in the print so a heart bag would be cute.

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Submitted question:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could tell me, would a bag like this be okay to wear with lolita? My coord’s black and white, with the R-Series JSK afternoon tea with sophie. I have white tights and blouse, and black oxfords. I’m looking around for a nice hat.

However i’m an art graduate… I tend to carry sketchbooks and pens with me. So I worry about buying a lolita bag that could cost a bit, that might get ruined;; It’s easier to buy something cheap-ish that matches…but i’m not sure if it will work?

Thank you for your time <3

Response from Lolita Tips:

I think it’ll be fine. It’s a little plain but that will help with versatility and there’s nothing wrong with it. It won’t add anything to the coord really but it certainly won’t take away.

Do you have any recommendations for bags that look like clocks?

For what style? I’ve seen all sorts of bags that look like clocks.

Sweet ones

Gothic ones

Classic ones

The only ones I can think of that are available right now are the ones from ReStyle as well as some replicas around TaoBao and such, but so many of them have been made in the past that I’m sure you could find one that fits what you’re looking for second hand.

Good Day! May I seek your opinion? Do you think lavender accessories would look off with f+f's A Midsummer's Night Dream in the purple colorway? I wanted darker/purple accessories but I can't find a cute bag in anything but lavender and I'm picky about my shoes matching my purse.

I think it depends on exactly what you’re using. The dress is very elegant and you should continue that through the coord which may be tricky because a lot of lavender Lolita items are more cutesy and Sweet. I think it would be ideal to focus on darker colors like black, dark purple, or navy and then add touches of lighter colors. 
As a matter of fact, I think I was able to find the perfect purse for you. It’s dark purple and the silver compliments the colors in the print of the dress and it’s perfect for the theme!

Do you know of any shops currently carrying black/gold 3-way purses? Or black/gold lolita purses in general?

Most of the ones I can think of are sold out at the moment. I’ve noticed that Alice and the Pirates has made a lot of very nice bags that are black with gold detailing so I would keep an eye on them. I have seen a lot of black and gold bags in the past but can’t think of any that are currently available, except for this one which isn’t 3-way, unless you were to look second hand. My suggestions would be to look into making a WTB post or since it’s easier to find just black bags you could get a black bag and add gold details yourself.

Hi dear, hope you've had a lovely day! I wanted to ask if you know where I could a cute round biscuit bag? Doesn't have to be brand; I wanna use it everyday so any shade of brown would go good with my wardrobe. Thanks in advance *hug*

A few Lolita brands have made biscuit bags but I think they’ve all been other shapes. Swimmer made the very popular round biscuit bag that I’ve seen around the comm sales quite a few times. Some TaoBao and Rakuten shops have also made them like this one that’s being sold by a reseller.

Where do you get the purses that are bunny and cat heads? thank you ;p

The realistic looking ones that are popular right now? They’re from Muchacha Achachumu.

For the person asking about lemon-themed dresses: Modcloth carries a lemon-shaped purse called "Spritz a Wonderful Life." Not a dress, but it could help a themed coordinate.

That’s super cute! Thanks for sharing.

What are some cute shaped bags (ex heart) that could fit my 8in by 9in iPad and work with more than Lolita (Fairy + Mori Kei,"normal" clothes)? I'd like to be a Sweet and Classic Lolita someday, and it would be nice if I already had a go-to bag to put things in. Also, are there iPad sized cases w 3D candy + stuff on them like the cute girls in Japan have for their iPhones?

Something like this maybe? It’s a little difficult to find a bag of that size to fit so many looks, but I think this in the light pink or white could be versatile enough to work for at least some outfits of every style you’re looking at. It’s a little plain but it has enough detail to make it cute and you could dress it up with keychains to match your coord if you wanted. Dreamv has a few more great options but unfortunately they’re sold out in the colors that would suit all of those styles.
As for iPad cases, you can find deco ones places like etsy if you do searches for things like “deco ipad case” and “kawaii ipad case.” Companies like Sanrio and San-X also make really cute ones with their characters but they’re not as often the sort with 3D things on them.