So I'm stumped on what kind of purse to coord with Lost in Sea and I was hoping you could help me out some... I have the op in dark blue and I'm trying to coord it in a more classic way with pearl accessories, black oxford heels, and blue lace tights. Thank you!

A cute option for something to match the sea theme and work well with the pearls would be a shell bag, like this one in white. I think that would be perfect. You could also tie in with the stars and moon with a star or moon bag in silver, black, or white.

Excuse me, but do you know what brand or where I could find that violin themed white purse in the last post you posted?

That bag is from Innocent World. It’s not currently available from them but they have re-released it before so they may do it again. You may also have some luck finding it second hand. There have also been some replicas floating around that you might be able to get your hands on if you’re okay with replicas.

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Hi! I was wondering if I could have your opinion… Do you think this bag: in gold, might look good with Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II in black? This is the one I have: 

If not do you have any tips of one that might work that isn’t coffin shaped? I’m trying not to spend over $50. Thank you so much for your time!

Response from Lolita Tips:

I think that bag would work well. Another option that I thought of that I think would be super cute with it would be a backpack like this. I think the heart shape and the fact that it’s a backpack give it a sort of cutesy feel but then it has the bat wings which I think suit the print perfectly.

Would the dream fantasy LP purse in pink go ok with a princess wardrobe jsk in beige? Is the purse too sweet? Its quite a simple purse but I am not sure...

I think the purse is a little too sweet. I would look for something else first but if you’re on a tight budget or time crunch and you already have both it wouldn’t be terrible to put them together.

I was thinking of doing a coord with bodyline's L482 in black, L009 in black and off-white (or possibly black), and shoes 256 in black all from bodyline. I'm still a bit undecided as you can see, but what I really need help with is finding a bag! I want something that can hold a decent sized sketchpad, but I would prefer not to spend more than $50 shipping included. Can you think of anything that might work with it? Thank you!

I think something like this in black would be super cute and it looks like it could hold a sketchpad. 

Hello! I'm in the market for a super cute purse and I was wondering if you could help out. I'm looking for something in like a pale pink/coral or cream that would work well with classic or sweet coords. I like bows, more of a structured look, and round or fun shaped over the shoulder bags. I'd really like the price to be under 30 USD. Thank you so much you are an angel!!

Dreamv has a lot of really cute ones. They’re not all under 30 and wouldn’t be after shipping but they’re close to it and they have some that sound perfect like this and this.

I was wondering, what are your favorite skirts or dresses with pockets? And, do using said pockets make the skirt look weird? I need to carry medicine around with me but I always loose or forget bags.

A lot of Angelic Pretty’s skirts and dresses have pockets. I was super excited to learn when I got my dream dress (Whip Magic) that it had hidden pockets. They aren’t huge but if your medicine is in just normal sized pill bottles it should work.
This list isn’t exactly complete, but if you want to see some examples of items that have pockets Lolibrary can provide that for you.
If you have a lot of medicine or you think it might be too big for the dress pockets, I would suggest getting a good bag with a strap that you can wear across your body. That way you can always wear it and you don’t have to worry about putting it down and losing it like you would with one that just has straps you hold on your arm.

Do you know any (reasonably priced) bags that would go with bodyline's l346?

I would say it depends on the base color of the skirt, however since they all have a lot of pink in the print you could use a pink bag with any of them. Just something simple and cute in pink like this bag would be good, or you could do something in the base color of the skirt. A white bag would also work with all of them or a black bag with the black skirt (or really any of the others if you added more black to the coord.) When I was looking on Dreamv this bag also stood out to me. The angel doesn’t really have anything to do with it but if you needed coord ideas it would be cute to incorporate into the theme and the pink flowers fit well.

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Hey!  This is the same person who asked about the straw/gingham bag.  (If that ask got eaten, here’s the run-down: “Thanks for this blog, remember, it’s your blog, take a break WHENEVER you need to!  may seem contradictory but I have a question [I’ll get into that question in ths submission])

A straw handbag with red gingham inside (perfect for country lolita, maybe could even work with sweet) has a sequined dragonfly/butterfly on the front.  I think the sequins look cheap, but now that I’ve taken a second look, they may not be so bad.  So there are now two parts to this question

First, do you think the sequins take away from the look of the bag?  I’m even considering taking off the entire dragonfly thing.

Second, if they are bad, do you have any tutorials for how to remove sequins OR how to remove the fabric that the dragonfly is on?

Response from Lolita Tips:

I would personally take off the whole section with the dragonfly. I think it would limit the coords you could use it for and it would look better if you were to do some alterations to it. It’s hard to say for sure without seeing it in person but it looks like if you carefully took a seam ripper you could remove the whole burlap square and keep the red square as a blank canvas. Then maybe you could replace it with something just on the red square. Maybe decorate it with detachable details depending on your coord. You could put a lace trim around it and maybe get flower and fruit pins and brooches that you can stick to it.

I have a high waisted skirt. I'm going to wear a crossbody purse with it. Where should the purse sit on my skirt? At the hip poof or under it? it weighs down my dress since I only have a casual petti... Is that normal? Thank you for your time!

When I wear bags like that I usually wear them right at the top of where the dress/skirt starts to flare out. The petti is thickest at the top since that’s where it’s gathered so I find that if you put it there it doesn’t flatten so much.