I'm planning to buy Angelic Pretty's Twinkle Ornament jsk in pink, but I'm not sure... Do you think I could wear it during all seasons? I was just wondering, because the print is quite christmassy and I wouldn't want to look stupid.

It’s definitely a Christmas dress and I don’t think there’s any way around that unless you were to wear something over it that would cover up the whole print. It’s certainly not something I would recommend wearing year-round otherwise. Also keep in mind that it’s velvet so it’s going to be warm.



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I love how you can get such different looks by changing the color of the print!

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Submitted question:

Hi! So the other day I got this cute fabric and I want to use it in a jsk. So I have a couple questions. 1. Do you think it’d look good? I’m planning on only making the skirt part out of this fabric. 2. What color would be best for the torso part? I prefer darker colors in Lolita but I want to make sure it looks pretty. I was thinking brown/tan or warm grey, would those be bad choices?

(This is a weird photo, it’s a bit lighter in real life)

Response from Lolita Tips:

I think it’s pretty cute but it strikes me as something that would only really work in Country Lolita so keep that in mind. I think that in order to keep the dress from looking too top-heavy you should avoid using too dark of a color on the bodice but a light-ish tan would be a good option or a light yellow or even a dusty pink. Then since you like darker colors you could maybe pair it with a darker brown bolero and brown shoes to get some of that dark coloring in there without overwhelming the light print.

Do you know about this print? I'm confused. the same print is shown here:(tinyurl. com/qxex7rx) and here:(tinyurl. com/p9ngz96) but with two different names

It’s the same dress. Sometimes you’ll find though that depending on who’s translating the names will come out a bit differently, or they might use a slightly different name depending on the specific item even if they use the same print.

Hi! I will make a JSK with the bodice in black and skirt with flowers. I want it go classic lolita.... what do you think of the bodice in black color? I have the idea in my mind but haven't see any jsk similar to it.... Will it work?

It will definitely work and especially if the skirt print is somewhat busy having a solid colored bodice can help to tone that down a little. I’ve seen it before several times. I’ve seen a few brands and indie brands do it like Sweet Mildred and Lady Sloth has done a few.

Do you know of any good blouses, socks/tights, and shoes that will go good with Haeunuli's Little Mermaid JSK in navy? I wanted to go for a more sweet look. Is it too classic for that? I was also debating on weather I should go for gold shoes or silver shoes or even navy shoes. Do you think it can go with other colored blouses or should I stick to white and beige? Help!

White, ivory, gray, and black would probably be your best options for blouse color. A silvery gray like this or a black with some sparkle to it like this would be lovely. I would categorize the JSK as being fairly evenly split between Classic and Sweet so you could definitely get more Sweet elements in there with accessories but I also think it would be a mistake to try drowning out the elegance of the Classic elements because they’re really what makes the dress. I think navy or silver shoes would be the way to go. Silver would be great especially if you really played on the silver elements of the dress by tying it into your legwear as well, maybe with black or navy tights that have some sparkle to them which would also add a fun, sort of Sweet element.

I usually wear mostly black, but I'm really digging Meta's Patissiere Dream skirt in blue. Could I wear it with a black blouse and black tights if I accessorize with blue / colors from the print ? Or would that look wonky

I think you could probably get away with that. I would definitely consider working some lighter color, probably that blue, into the blouse area to lighten it up so it isn’t so top heavy. Perhaps you could do a blue neck bow with the black blouse and then maybe incorporate both the black and the blue in your headwear. Then you could draw on the colors from the print for smaller accessories and maybe incorporate them into legwear too, perhaps with black tights or socks that have a light design on them.


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Practicing my co-ord for the otakon lolita tea party. I think I’ll stick with the white sweater.

The Run down!

jsk/ head bow/ socks : Angelic Pretty
Petti coat : classical puppet
Shoes/ bag/ tights:off brand
Wrist cuffs: bodyline
Strawberry necklace: magical tea time
Flower crown: handmade by me.