I don't feel like I'm pretty enough for lolita. All of my friends who do it are so beautiful and all of the people I see who do it online are beautiful. I'm really plain looking and I have really thick, unruly hair. My eyes are small and I always have dark circles under them and my face is always red and blotchy and I have kind of a funny head shape. I've really liked lolita for a long time but I'm too scared to buy anything and then feel ugly in it. Do you have any tips?

One of the most important things to remember is that most of us aren’t lucky enough to just roll out of bed in the morning looking perfect. Most of the Lolitas you see are wearing makeup and many wear wigs and a lot of hard work can go into it. I have thick unruly hair too and it takes a lot of maintenance to get it looking the way I want. I have super dark circles under my eyes but I hide them the best I can with BB Cream. The first step is to just take good care of yourself in general. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, wash and moisturize your face regularly, get plenty of sleep, etc. What’s important is that you feel pretty and are happy with how you look and that can take a little work sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up about it because that isn’t going to help you at all, you have to take care of yourself and love yourself and even pamper yourself a little. If you think your hair is unruly go to a salon and ask a stylist what you can do about it (or even just look around online for good products for it.) If you think your eyes are too small, learn makeup techniques to make them look bigger. If you think you have dark circles and an uneven skin tone, try out some basic concealers, foundation, powder, etc. Funny head shape? Maybe you just need a new hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, skin care, and makeup. Take good care of yourself, learn to give yourself compliments and find things that you do like, and play around with your look a bit, but before you worry about Lolita I think it’s more important to learn to love yourself and be happy with what you see. 



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another good tip if you don't wear it every day is practice before you have a shower! that way if you mess up/don't want to wear it out of the house yet you don't have to :) after wearing makeup for years I still do this to try different looks before i have the confidence/skill for them :)

Good tip! Thanks!

I only started wearing makeup when I got into lolita, and I only wear it when I'm wearing Lolita. As a result, I'm not very good despite having been wearing the fashion for 3 years. How would you recommend practicing? Just redrawing the eyeliner and wiping it away over and over again?

Just practice by wearing it every day. If you mess up wipe it off and start over, but you don’t have to turn it into makeup bootcamp. You can also watch some makeup tutorials online to see if you can pick up some techniques and try to recreate them while you watch. Try some of those themed look tutorials to make it more fun and even if you don’t plan on ever actually wearing that makeup style it will help you learn new techniques that work for you.

What makeup is absolutely essential to a sweet Lolita?

I would say at the very least something for your eyes. Mascara, maybe a little eyeliner, just to help them stand out. If you have to choose a point on your face to highlight, it’s the eyes. They are the windows to the soul after all.

Hello there! I was wondering what kind of make up removers that you use and what's the routine for removing makeup because I'm trying to start using makeup, but I'm clueless completely clueless about removing makeup and thank you!

I have makeup remover wipes that I got from Forever21 that I like because they’re lavender scented but just about any wipe that says it’s a makeup remover will work. From my experience it doesn’t matter so much which makeup remover you use as what you follow it with. I follow that by washing my face too though because sometimes remover wipes can leave me feeling a bit oily and makeup remover doesn’t necessarily do the best job of cleaning your skin and keeping your pores clear. If I’m particularly tired which has been happening a lot lately with my long shifts I just take off my makeup and then go over with Stridex wipes to clean my face. The face wash you use varies from person to person though so pay attention to your skin (whether it’s oily, or dry, or oily in some places in particular, or if it’s sensitive, etc.) Then I follow that with facial moisturizer which is also going to vary from person to person.

Hey! My guy friend tells me that if I wear lolita to school (I will be a freshman next year) then I will never get a boy friend, or my boyfriend will not want to be seen with me... I recently sent him a picture of what the style is and he thought I would look beautiful in it, but I am still a little bit worried... Also, any tips on making my nose look smaller?

It sounds like one of two things is going on. It’s possible that your friend is just trying to scare you out of getting close to any other boys because he wants you for himself. Like, he’s trying to pull this “All other guys are assholes and I’m the only guy who thinks you’re beautiful in Lolita and the only guy who ever will” crap. Or it’s also possible that your friend is a douchebag (actually if he’s trying to pull the crap from the first scenario he’s probably a bit of a douchebag either way.)
Whichever one it is though, forget him. There are plenty of Lolitas who have perfectly happy relationships. There are Lolitas with boyfriends and Lolitas with girlfriends and Lolitas who are married happily and have been for years. The idea that you’ll never get a boyfriend because you dress in a way that makes you happy is silly anyway because why would you want to date someone who is that shallow anyway?
As for your nose, there are things you can do with makeup but it will differ depending on what exactly you aren’t happy about. If you search “how to make your nose look smaller” on youtube though you’ll get a ton of results.

i'm incredibly interested in becoming a lolita, but i'm not too experienced with makeup. i didn't see it in your faq, but maybe i missed it. what sort of makeup brands would you recommend for doing lolita makeup?

Whatever brands work for you. There are tons of brands out there to choose from and some are better at certain things while others will be better for other things. I use several different brands because I like different brands for different things. When you’re first starting to get acquainted with makeup though I would say it’s best to first figure out what you’re going to do, learn how to do things, and then from there decide what you need to buy. This list of tutorials should help you. The first few are basics to get you started with finding the right shades and how to apply different things and then it goes into tutorials for more specific looks.

Hello! I've got 2 questions if you don't mind. ;u; I was wondering if you know of any sites that sell plus size loliable OTKs? I tried searching for some locally but I've had no luck, my calves and/or thighs are always too large for them. Also, do you know if there's any kind of mascara suitable for allergics? I've tried so many, from well-known brands to no-name brands, but all of them made my eyes red and sore after wearing them for 2+ hours. Thank you in advance!

Sockdreams has a lot of plus size friendly OTKs. They don’t have a ton of fun loliable ones, but they do have some great options.
For your mascara, have you ever tried natural and organic options? A lot of the time when people have that sort of reaction to eye makeup it isn’t necessarily an allergy issue so much as your eyes are just sensitive to all the chemicals in the makeup. Try a natural mascara such as this, this, or one of these. A friend of mine had the same problem and she started using this mascara and she loved it so much she started buying her makeup almost exclusively from Tarte.

I've been looking around for a while and have yet to find a make up bag that could be considered gothic lolota styled. I'm getting tons of new make up from Xmas and would really like to find a cute one, any suggestions? Thanks for your time!!

Are you just looking for a makeup bag to carry the things you would keep in your purse or something bigger? Forever21 has some cute ones of both styles. They have this one which is expandable, this small one, and this bigger one (both of which come in black and white stripes for a more Gothic feel.) Sephora has a lot of great ones too but they’re going to be at a higher price point. For something more Lolita specific some brands have made vanity bags that you may be able to find second hand.
If all else fails, there are a ton of places that you can just get a plain black one that you could decorate yourself with a keychain or rhinestones or lace or however you want to decorate it.