According with the anon, I'd disagree. I have a pair of sweet lolita skinny jeans that are lavender purple wit white cloud pockets, and deco (cookies, cakes and fruiets) along the base of the jeans, and lace up the sides with strawberries. They look fantastic, with a simple blouse, and my lolita bow heels. It's possible, and just depends on the style. Right?

It sounds very cute, but that still wouldn’t be Lolita. Sure they can be Lolita inspired, obviously so, but that isn’t actually Lolita. A full skirt with the proper shape is one of the biggest things that make Lolita what it is. If you take that away, you’re taking away one of the biggest things that makes Lolita different from anything else. Pants of any sort only work for Ouji and sometimes Aristocrat.

I think they may have meant wearing the jeans underneath a dress or skirt?

Why would you do that though? D=

The only time I have ever seen anyone do this was at a meetup. It was late at night, really cold out, and she threw them on to keep warm, making fun of herself as she did it.

is it possible to be lolita with skinny jeans? ..

No. You can wear skinny jeans outside of Lolita, but Lolita is pretty dependent on dresses and skirts that have the proper shape.