What is your thoughts on F+f's Grassland Splendor? I think it's an amazing Qi Lolita dress for the price.

I think it’s really pretty and it’s great because it’s multiple pieces so you can wear it all together or you can wear the JSK with a different coord too.

Hello! I'm looking around for my first lolita purchase, and I want to know what you think of F+F chiffon lover, classic lolita empire waist basic frilly JSK in lilac- do you think it's a good price for the quality? Do you think it'll be very versatile? I think it looks like it would fit well in both (subdued) sweet and classic coords, but will the colour make it harder to find things that go well with it? Or, should my first piece be a skirt instead? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

I think it’s beautiful and well priced. As the photos would suggest it’s fairly versatile and could be worn for something elaborate or something more subdued. I don’t think the color will be too difficult to work with because there are a lot of other colors that would coordinate very nicely with it. I think it would work well for a first piece but be sure to have ideas of what you could wear it with before buying it.

What's your opinion on F+F's silent hill op in black?

I like it a lot. I think it has a very elegant look while still having a very dark feel to it.

For the F+F Time Lord high-waisted skirt in blue you just posted on your Tumblr, which color blouse would be better - a black blouse or a white one? I'm planning on buying the Time Lord skirt plus a blouse for my next coord ^_^

I think either color blouse would work just as well. I would suggest basing it on what you’ll wear more with other things.

Do you always have good experiences with F+F? Some reviews say that their items can be a bit cheap-looking or don't use great quality fabric, but others think they're great so does it vary by item?

I haven’t had anything but positive experiences with them. A while back their quality was hit-or-miss but over the years they have improved greatly.

Hi! I'm looking for a coat or jacket in black or wine red. Plus size friendly, preferably waist or hip length, not sweet as I go more gothic/classic. Also I'm rather tall for lolita (174cm). Could you help me?

Have you looked at F+F? They have a few jackets that come in the colors you’re looking at and are also available in custom sizes. The Bookish Beauty one is one of my favorites.


Fan Plus Friend has a new line and it has a Doctor Who theme! The “Time Lord” set includes an underbust JSK, highwaist skirt, blouse, tuxedo jacket, bowler hat, and TARDIS rosette. All clothing items are available in custom sizes making the line plus size friendly!
I don’t usually do updates like this when lines are released but I really love this!

Is f+f's A Midsummer's Night Dream a replica? The print seems familiar but i can't tell if that's because it actually is or painting dresses are just really popular right now.

It’s not a replica. It’s an actual painting by John Simmons though so it’s possible that you may have seen the painting before.

What do you think of Fan+Friends "Bowknot Gift" JSK?

I think it’s super cute.

Doea F+F still do custom colors??? I can't find anything on the redesigned website that says anything about it....

I believe they still do it for many items (some items say they’re only available in the listed sizes and colors) but you have to contact them directly about it first.