Is Cosmates a reliable website to purchase from? F+F and Cosmates both have Ghost Bride but Cosmates' is priced about $20 cheaper. I tried to look up Cosmates reviews but never found any good ones. Any advice please?

Based on my experience with Cosmates they will most likely only be cheaper until you pay for shipping which will then end up being much slower than if you were to buy from F+F directly. Unless something is sold out on the original site it’s best to just skip Cosmates and shop at the source.

Do you think it would arrive by Oct. 3 if I ordered from F+F on Sep. 3? I want the Barogue Pipe Organ JSK so bad for a convention I'm attending. T-T

Since it is listed as an instant shipping item, as long as you aren’t getting it custom sized you should definitely get it in time according to their help section.

Submitted question #856:

Submitted question:

Hello there. I want to buy my first lolita co-ord. I’ve been interested in lolita for quite a while and now there will be a J-fashion event in The Netherlands so I decided to finally get my first co-ord. But I’ve run into a few problems. 

First of all, I decided to go with these:

My first question is: Does this look like a good co-ord? I really hope so..

My second question is: I was thinking about wearing a necklace with a watch on it, because I thought it suits the pattern.. Or should I just go with a choker. (Watch and Choker).

And ofcourse.(sorry if I ask too much). I have a third question. What kind of wig could I use? (I don’t want to use my own hair.) I have a few in mind but I am not sure if they would go with my co-ord. Should I go for a light wig or a dark one? 

Here are the ones I had in mind.

  1. Brown one with 2 curly clip-ons
  2. Curly brown one 70cm
  3. Blond and curly with 2 clup-ons (thinking about wearing without clip-ons first then.)

I hope you could help me and I hope I am not asking too much. I’m just a bit nervous for my first co-ord. I love your blog. It helps a lot. 

With kind regards,

Response from Lolita Tips:

The first thing I would like to say is that you should NOT buy from lolitadressesshop. They’re a shop that steals all of their stock photos and is known to be similar to Milanoo so whichever options you have from them, knock those options off your list. Also pay very close attention to the ebay shops you’re buying from. They look a bit iffy too so be sure to pay close attention to their reviews, both on ebay and off ebay and be sure they come off as reliable.

Anyway, I love the skirt, love the blouse, the shoes are fine, get rid of the bracelet because of where it’s from, no to the socks for the same reason and the tights are fine (but if you could ask the shop about making them again in black with a white print I think that would suit the coord better because I feel like the white tights would really stand out more than they should), what your bloomers look like isn’t super important but those would be perfect if they weren’t from a scammer (you can buy very similar ones on etsy), and the hair piece is gorgeous.

For the necklace, I think a choker would actually look prettier, but once again, from a different shop. F+F has some pretty ones though that you could buy when you get the other things from them.

For the wig, I think the first or second option would both work just fine, I think what it really comes down to is which of those shades would look better on you which isn’t something I can really say.

What do you think about F+F SP00138?

I think it’s super pretty and a great, versatile skirt for Classic or Gothic Lolita. I can see it working easily into more simple coords or something more extravagant and OTT.

How is f+f's quality in comparison with bodyline? I like a lot of f+f's designs and most of their stuff is a little more expensive than bodyline, but there aren't as many pictures or reviews of their items

In general I tend to prefer F+F. I think their designs are usually prettier and in my experience their quality is either about the same or better.

Hello! I was planning on buying f+f's 'Baroque Pipe Organ' and Doctor Who themed high waisted skirts. Are they both A-line? Because I was thinking of buying Classical Puppets A-line petticoat lll for the skirts.

Neither of them are A-line, they’re both bell-shaped.



Fan Plus Friend’s Ten O’Clock Cinderella

What is your thoughts on F+f's Grassland Splendor? I think it's an amazing Qi Lolita dress for the price.

I think it’s really pretty and it’s great because it’s multiple pieces so you can wear it all together or you can wear the JSK with a different coord too.

Hello! I'm looking around for my first lolita purchase, and I want to know what you think of F+F chiffon lover, classic lolita empire waist basic frilly JSK in lilac- do you think it's a good price for the quality? Do you think it'll be very versatile? I think it looks like it would fit well in both (subdued) sweet and classic coords, but will the colour make it harder to find things that go well with it? Or, should my first piece be a skirt instead? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

I think it’s beautiful and well priced. As the photos would suggest it’s fairly versatile and could be worn for something elaborate or something more subdued. I don’t think the color will be too difficult to work with because there are a lot of other colors that would coordinate very nicely with it. I think it would work well for a first piece but be sure to have ideas of what you could wear it with before buying it.

What's your opinion on F+F's silent hill op in black?

I like it a lot. I think it has a very elegant look while still having a very dark feel to it.