I just like to know your opinion on Rococo Soul's United States of Chocolate? And if you think it would match F+F's Love Theme Cutsew?

I think the JSK is super cute and I think it would probably look very nice with that top. My only concern is if the opaque neckline of the cutsew would show from the neckline of the JSK. If all you can see is the sheer parts of the cutsew I think it would look great but if little pieces of that sweetheart neckline peek out from the square neckline of the JSK I don’t think it would look very good. I think the neckline of the JSK is high enough that it wouldn’t be a problem though and if it is I think there are ways around it, like taking that big bow they show you in the picture where it has all the accessories and use that at the neckline to cover it up.

What do you think of fan + friend ""Judgement": Alice Lolita Poker JSK&Dress&Hairdress 3pcs Set*3colors" ? I think it's very pretty but I'm not sure how I would coord it? Would it come with the wristcuffs? I want to buy it in blue and pair it with blue and white stockings and an Alice apron, but I'm not sure how it would conflict with the organdy overdress.

I think it’s super cute and I like that the overdress is a seperate piece so you could wear it as just a JSK with a blouse instead of as an OP. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with the wristcuffs but in all honesty I think they look very silly. I also wouldn’t put it with an apron. I think the point of the overdress is that it has a sort of apron-esque look without looking exactly like one to avoid looking like an exact Alice costume. If you really wanted to wear it with an apron I would do so without the overdress, but I think there are much better ways to coord it than that. I feel like the whole point of the design is that it draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland without saying “Look at me I’m Alice!” 
I think blue and white legwear would work fine, or you could just do white, or white with a bit of an Alice theme like these. Then you could do black shoes and if you wanted wristcuffs I would go with more traditional Lolita lace wristcuffs, probably in white.

I've been a bit distant from lolita and the comings and goings for a long while and just coming back. Is Fanplusfriend still looked down upon as much as bodyline and as it used to be? I've seen their new stuff and that they've changed their site and some of their new stuff made my heart soar. So I'm just wondering, have they risen a bit in esteem?

F+F has gotten a looooooot better over the years. Bodyline keeps going up and down (their quality will go up, then Mr. Yan will do something stupid, they’ll come out with a super cute design, then Mr. Yan will do something creepy) while F+F just keeps going up. Their quality has gotten better, they’ve improved on their custom sizing, they’re making fewer replicas and more of their own designs, they’re even making their own prints. They still have a cosplay section of their shop which in some books will put them on the same level as Bodyline, but in my opinion they’re far above.

Hi! I was browsing around on fanplusfriend and I grew quite fond of a few of their qi lolita dresses. My only hangup is that instead of an opaque blouse, there's an underdress and then material over the top that is somewhat sheer. Do you think that is still acceptably lolita or should I just sort of admire from afar?

This one? I don’t see anything un-lolita about it. I’ve talked about sheer blouses in the past and this is basically the same idea.

What do you think of F+F's Cute Lolita Tiered Trimmings Scallop Bottom Dress&Choker? I like it in the blue and lavender colorway, but I'm not sure if there's too much going on with it...

I think it’s really cute in that colorway. I’m not a fan of the choker and I would replace that with a more elegant looking necklace/choker and I don’t like the little white ribbon bows they have above the lavender bows, but aside from that I like it. 

Have you seen the new F+F site? I think it's so much more user friendly now, I can see myself buying from them a lot more than Bodyline with this new site, though their shipping is still kind of monstrous :c On the same topic, what do you think of their new Machine Birdcage series? I'm thinking getting one of the skirts in the grey color, but I can't decide between the frill or no frill. The difference is so small! What's yr opinion, Princess of Frills?

I do like the new layout. It is much more user friendly and while I think they could have made it a little prettier (Maybe change the background from white to just a light gray or something with a very subtle pattern. Something softer than the stark white.) but overall I like it.
As for Machine Birdcage, I really like it! I would definitely go with the one that has the ruffle though. I think it gives it a more elegant look.

Dr00123s from f+f anon again. Sorry to fill your feed! Can I just wear tea parties with this dress? I really appreciate your help. I'm never worn anything not sweet so I feel a little stuck on what shoes to wear or what style direction to go in. Thx

I think they’ll be fine. You were looking at the dress in black right? If the shoes are black as well they should work. Tea Parties are definitely more Sweet than anything but they can work with other styles and the dress does have some sweetness to it.

Hi! So, I'd really like to get more into wearing Lolita often during the summer, but I only have about three dresses. I'm a Sweet Lolita with a massive soft spot for OTT prints - But I really need some plain dresses (preferably on the cheap end) that will fit into my Sweet wardrobe and can be coordinated multiple ways with different accessories and such. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!! <3

A JSK like this might be a good option. Being a JSK that gives you the option of coordinating it with different blouses, boleros, and cardigans. Not only that but all of the bows are detachable so you can wear it with all of them or none of them or you can move them around to different spots. You could wear it more casually or with a very simple coord but you could also easily put it into a more OTT coord.

hola I have been searching for a black dress and I saw you post about the F+F DR00123S. I noticed that It comes with a rectangle headdress. Does that mean that the dress can be an old school dress by using mary janes or my RHS and maybe some striped socks? or does this dress look to fancy for that since it has the pretty lace? gracias

It doesn’t really have an old school look and I definitely wouldn’t wear it with striped socks. You could definitely wear it with RHS, but that doesn’t necessarily make it old school either. Just because something can be worn with a rectangle headdress doesn’t necessarily make it old school and just because an accessory comes with a dress doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear it if you don’t want to.

Could you reccomend a good lolita blouse in wine/burgundy for a girl with a bigger bust (100cm+). I've looked everywhere and can't find any, especially in my size. :/

FanPlusFriends Scented Corsage in dark red is gorgeous and I think the perfect color and comes in larger sizes. If that one isn’t quite the style you’re looking for, take a look at their other blouses as well. Even if it doesn’t say it comes in dark red you may be able to put in a custom order with them to get it in the color and size you need. They will do that with a lot of their items.