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Do Dolly Wink lashes come with glue?

I’ve never bought any from them but based on reviews I’ve seen I know that at least some styles do. I can’t say for sure if they all come with glue, but if they don’t you can get a decent sized tube of lash glue cheap at most drug stores.

I've read before that you don't wear false eyelashes much but I was hoping you could still help me. Do you know of any brands I could buy at like target or something that are affordable but still good quality? I just can't convince anyone to buy me some online that are $20. thank you for your help!

I’ve heard good things about Eylure. The line they did with Katy Perry is really cute! I know I’ve seen them at Claires, KMart, Ulta, and Sephora and they’re pretty inexpensive. Most of what you find at Ulta and Sephora are going to be good.



Easy make-up tutorial by Misako Aoki!

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I'm new to lolita fashion and i keep hearing that fake lashes are just as important as the right petticoat for your dress. I have to wear glasses so sometime the lashes get in the way, is it wrong not to wear them?

That’s silly. I would say that makeup in general is just as important as the right petticoat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fake lashes. The only time I think fake lashes are truly necessary is if you’re wearing circle lenses because circle lenses can make you look a little alien-like if you don’t wear them with the right eye makeup.

in your opinion what are the best false eyelashes to use for that cute dolly look?(im having a hard time finding ones i like!)

I know Dolly Wink is recommended very often, and they name their products so you can look them up and find reviews and pictures of what they look like. Pretty & Cute also carries a lot of great brands that you can find reviews for. I don’t use false lashes very often so I can’t say for sure what the best would be, but there are plenty of reviews around for different brands so you can see what they look like and decide for yourself.

im dressing full lolita for the first time and im going to be wearing fake eyelashes but im confused,can any false lashes be flipped around and used as bottom lashes?Sorry if I sound stupid but im new to this ; ~ ;

Sometimes, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s best to use thinner lashes on the bottom because the way they grow naturally your upper lashes should be fuller and often longer. I recommend looking around youtube for tutorials for applying upper and lower lashes, they may help you decide what will work best.