What does the abbreviation DS on egl mean?

"Direct sale" meaning it isn’t a trade or auction.



Wearing Moitié to attend the French Lolita Ambassador’s election ! Mila was one of the three winners, I am so proud of her. See pictures of the event here !

How long does it usually take on egl to get a feedback page created? I put in for one at the beginning of last week now but nothing has been made?

It’ll definitely take longer than that. Mine took I think two weeks but that was a while ago. I’ve heard they can take around a month.

what does pm on egl means? i can't really figure it out... and how exactly can you use it??? thank you ;)

PM means private message. Click on their username to go to their page and up at the top of the page it’ll give you an option to send them a message.

went through your lolitionary (dunno if that'll catch on....) and notice you reference EGL and EGA when talking about Mana, but don't have them defined... maybe you could add it?

EGL and EGA are terms Mana coined to describe the clothes of his brand, EGA being Elegant Gothic Aristocrat and EGL being Elegant Gothic Lolita. These are not to be confused with general Aristocrat or Gothic Lolita though, as EGA and EGL are more meant for Moitie specifically.

Are there any lolita online communities or forums you can recommend? EGL and BtB are too scary for me! I'm just new lol!

EGL isn’t scary. In fact, there are tons of new Lolitas there. And you don’t even have to post right away if you’re too intimidated to do so. But it’s a good place to go to keep up with what’s going on in the Lolita community. But yeah, you should stay away from BtB. It’s not really a community anyway so much as a place for people to complain so unless you really want to take part in some drama (or just sit back and watch it unfold), there’s not much reason to go there anyway.

EGL is definitely the most promient of the Lolita online communities and the one where you’ll probably get the most useful information. Aside from that I would recommend searching EGL’s Memories for lists and links to other LJ communities. There used to be a ton of them but there aren’t a lot of very active ones anymore. I would also recommend just looking around for Lolita blogs on tumblr. You can find a few on my affiliates page and some of those should also have lists of other Lolita blogs.

Is a livejournal account pretty essential for Lolita? Any other websites? All I have is a google account. Which I only use for email. I'd like to be able to buy second hand, because I fell in love with certain Lolita items before I felt comfortable wearing the style. And the brands don't sell them any more.

It’s pretty essential if you want to keep in contact with big Lolita communities and use the EGL Comm Sales. There are also Lolita groups on facebook though, as well as a few sales groups. But LJ communities like EGL tend to be the most popular.

Substyles question... Is EGL a substyle of Gothic Lolita (black with white lace being another) or is it another style? ^^"

EGL simply means Elegant Gothic Lolita. It’s basically Gothic Lolita with the emphasis on the elegance.

How do you make a cut on a LiveJournal post?

When you’re making a post, look at the bar under the subject line. If you look to the left of the button that has the thumbs up you’ll see a button that looks like a block of text with a crooked line through it. That’s the cut button. If you click that two dotted lines will appear in your post and everything you put between those lines will be under the cut.

It's been 2 weeks since I payed for a JSK on EGL. The seller still hasn't responded to me to tell me when she will send it (and I asked her to). I messaged her multiple times on Livejournal and emailed her. She still hasn't responded. SHould I make a Attention post on EGL?

I would send her one more warning message saying that if she doesn’t respond you will make an attention post. Give her about a week to see if she responds and if not, make the post. If she still doesn’t get back to you after that send a report to Paypal to see about getting your money back.