Can you suggest some nice accessories for the summer painting jsk by Dear Celine? I wanted to put some white tights and a white blouse with black shoes, so maybe light blue accessories (??) I am still very new to lolita I'm always afraid to make mistakes >.<

I think what you have could use a little tweaking to really give this gorgeous dress justice. I think a simple first step to take it to the next level would be to replace the white pieces with ivory. It’s more elegant and better suits the muted color scheme. I would then consider switching out the black shoes because it’s such a stark color while the print is so light and easy on the eyes. I think it would be too much of a contrast. A dusty pink like this for example to match the bows would be lovely, or even something brown.
For accessories I would keep to that muted, elegant color palette. Pearl jewelry or antique looking jewelry would be perfect, perhaps with some ivory lace accents and floral accessories. Things like this and this would work perfectly just for a few examples.

I have a challenge for you, OTT classic coord under $300 BUT NO BODYLINE ;)

I’m going to start with Dear Celine’s Summer Painting JSK and Bell Sleeved Lace Blouse in cream for my base. Then I’ll use this headdress, these shoes, and these tights in cream. I don’t have much left for accessories but I can do this ring in purple and then an elaborate hairstyle (I’m picturing lots of big curls) to help with the OTT look with pretty nails and makeup to finish it all up. It comes to about $252 which should leave enough for shipping.

Submitted question #839:

Submitted question:

hello! i’m planning to do a white rabbit from alice in wonderland themed outfit and i was wondering if this in wine red would be ok with these in black. or should i just find some suitable wine red pants to match, or something like the model has on the r-series suit coat?

thank you for answering and taking your time to be so helpful to everyone!

Response from Lolita Tips:

I think they will probably be fine together. My only concern is that the cuts of the jacket are really straight while the shorts are all together very round. Maybe look around just a little more to see if you can find different bottoms that you like better (because the jacket is great I think you should totally keep that, and I would definitely keep the bottoms black, not wine) but if you don’t find anything else the ones you were looking at should work.



06/02 或許我們這一生都是誰的傀儡

JSK: Krad Lanrete
Blouse: Dear Celine

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quick question about dear celine, it seems the black blouse it out of stock. Do they restock fairly quickly or should I try one of the lolita communities on Livejournal? I'm sorry for bothering you, but I am very new to lolita. >o<

I’m honestly not sure if they restock at all. Maybe you could make a WTB post about it? You may have a hard time finding the same thing, but you could ask for something similar, saying the specific things you like about it and see what anyone has to offer. I have seen blouses very similar to it before from a few different brands.

Submitted question #774: I’m having trouble making a first coord

Submitted question:

Hi, I’ve finally decided to try my hand with lolita, but I’m having a lot of issues trying to make my first coord. I follow this blog often, and go through the tags everyday, but I’m still having issues.

I want to do a sweet themed coord around Metamorphoses’  CL/Magical Painting skirt in black, but I look very bad in pinks and light colors, and all of the blouses I’ve found to match it are in pink colors or wouldn’t look very good on someone with a rectangle body shape.

It’s been killing me, because I love that skirt with a passion, but I haven’t found a single thing to coordinate it with in a sweet style that isn’t too pink. May I ask for help?

Response from Lolita Tips:

Black is definitely the way to go. Black blouses for Sweet Lolita aren’t as hard to find as one might think. For example, I feel like a blouse like this would be good for your body type because it has a lot of fullness but are still soft and feminine. It doesn’t have a high neckline but it the roundness of it will give you a softer look. You can also tuck it into the skirt to accentuate your waist but you’ll still have the fullness and flow of the blouse because of the way it’s constructed. You could then wear it with a pink necklace or add a pin or rosette to bring some of the pink from the skirt into the blouse without having too much pink that it wouldn’t look good on you.

I really want to buy this blouse: www(.)qutieland(.)com/product(.)php?id=1481 because I really need a cute, long sleeve blouse, but the blouse isn't even on Dear Celine's taobao shop? I'm so confused, could you please help me? ;^;

That’s really odd. My guess as to why that could be is that maybe when they made the agreement to let Qutieland carry their items they agreed on a specific amount that they could sell. If that’s the case, they may have sold out of the materials for it on their own shop but saved enough for secondary shops like Qutieland to reach their limits.
I have no idea if that’s actually true, but it sounds good. 

Dear Celine JSK anon! So if I wore brown shoes/bag and a white blouse and white tights, I could balance the pink out with a flower crown? :)

Yes! I think that would be a great option! (And I swear I’m not just saying that because I make flower  crowns I think it would actually be a really good idea.)

I'm the Dear Celine JSK anon. Thank you for linking me to that post! I'm having problems with the color of the shoes though. I didn't want for them to bubblegum epink and I can't figure out which color would fit...

Do you have the JSK in cream then (since that has so much pink)? Because pink would be one of your better options for shoes for the cream colorway, but you could also do cream shoes or even brown or tan which would be a more Classic look. Those colors would also work for the green colorway though.

Dream Fantasy again. What color of the shirt do you recommend for my outfit? Since this is my first coord, should I just keep looking for a white blouse? I've tried so many stores (every one on this list of taobao stores on livejournal) but I can't seem to find one. :(

I would keep looking for a white blouse but if you look all over and can’t find a good one, the colored one will be fine. I think either pink or lavender would be your best option.