Day and night cordinates with Starlight Carnevale

I love how you can get such different looks by changing the color of the print!

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Hello! I just got my first Sweet Lolita Coord with Bodyline's L547 (i coorded it here: tinyurl(.)com/k4k4aam ) and I was planning on getting accessories, but I wanted to see if you had any suggestions? Thank you for your time C:

My favorite thing about that print is the Kewpie theme so I would take advantage of that with a few little things like a pin and a ring which also ties into the dessert theme. You can also use cupcakes and/or tea pots and cups as inspiration for accessories. Then maybe add some white wristcuffs to match the lace tops of the socks and bring some detail down the arm and possibly swap out the bag with something less coord specific. Something simple and Sweet like a pink or white heart bag for example would be cute and work with more of your coords in the future.

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Submitted question:

I just bought JSK I of Merry Making in the Ghost Town in red, and am trying to put together a coord for (or really, accessories)  For now, I was thinking of either doing a bat or skeleton themed coord, to keep things simple for me, as I’m still fairly new to lolita and not the best at putting accessories together. Since this is my dream dress, I really want to have a nice looking coord with it. Here are my two ideas:





Hair accessory







Of course if neither of these look nice I’m open to other suggestions instead. :)

Thank you!!!

Response from Lolita Tips:

As far as accessories go I really like the bat one. The only thing I would do different (and it isn’t really a change, it’s just adding on) would be to add a full hair accessory that the circlet can be an addition to like a bonnet, half bonnet, floral corsage, veil, something to make it look more Lolita than the circlet alone looks.
The thing I’m not loving about the skeleton one is the tights. I think skeleton tights are fine in some cases, but I feel that in this particular case it would look quite costumey. I do adore the bat tights though.


Challenge~? Challenge~! Gothic lolita coord in sax! Is it possible?

So I was having trouble doing a coord in all sax that was convincing for Gothic Lolita, it always turned out too Classic/Sweet with some dashes of goth thrown in. So I went ahead and added some black in there but used sax as the focus and this is what I got.
I’m going to start with this dress in sax because it’s super elegant and they even give you a picture of it with a black shawl that shows you it will work nicely with black. Then I’ll wear it with this shawl in black, these tights, and this hat in sax. To give the hat a slightly more Gothic touch I’ll add a brooch to it somewhere that mimics the look of the dripping jewels and I would replace the white roses with black ones and possibly add a black veil or some black lace into where the veil in the hat already is. Then I’ll do black lace gloves, a blue ring, and a blue brooch on top of the shawl. Then I’ll go with these boots in sax and add some shoe clips to tie them in a little more.



Coord Rundown:Hair accesories: Angelic Pretty, CadneyBlouse: Dear CelineDress: Angelic Pretty - Eternal Rose BouquetPurse, Wristcuffs, Parasol and Socks: Angelic PrettyShoes: Secret ShopOther Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, offbrand


Coord Rundown:
Hair accesories: Angelic Pretty, Cadney
Blouse: Dear Celine
Dress: Angelic Pretty - Eternal Rose Bouquet
Purse, Wristcuffs, Parasol and Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Other Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, offbrand

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Forever, A Dreamer

Dress, Tights, KC: Day Dream Carnival of Angelic Pretty

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Two of my best friends stayed with me for the last week of term at uni. For our second day together, we went to the university botanic gardens and had a picnic so I wanted to wear something suitably summery with my handmade bonnet~

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Can you help me with my first coord? I'm using Baby's Grace Baniran JSK in pink, and trying to make a Sweet/Classic coord that's floral/rose-themed to play off the rose lace—so far I've decided on a white blouse, Custom House model 70129 shoes in white or pink, pearl/gold jewelry, and a flower crown. I'm trying to work out my accessories, and I was just gifted Baby's Le Bouquet Basket Bag in pink, so I was wondering if you think it would work with this coord, or is it too country? Thank you :)

I think that’s really cute! I don’t think it would be too country, you just have to be careful with the flower crown because that can also push it in that direction. A floral corsage or something to that effect may be a better option. Something like this would be super pretty. Then just keep in mind that the basket bag sort of makes it seem more Springy/Summery so coord accordingly.