Hello! I'm a budding lolita and I was thinking of getting the Infanta Ann's Town JSK but I wanted to use a blouse I already have that's black but I don't which color of the JSK would work. I guess Im going for a gothic, classic, and country hybrid?

I honestly think either would work just as well.

Hello! ^^ I'd like to ask for some advice on my first coord, please. I've bought this dress in mint lolibrary(.)org/apparel/blanche-jsk and the accent color on it is dark brown. Which colors do you think it would work best with in a coord, cream/brown, brown, black, or something else?

Cream and brown would work well with some more accents of mint maybe.

I need a little advice on my first Loli coord, please! I'm getting Infanta's Cinderella and Prince Charming JSK in cream with brown embroidery, but they only have the head bow in brown with white embroidery. Is there a way I could make that work with a coord, or will I have to look for another headdress?

I think the brown bow should work just fine. Balance out the brown with brown shoes and you already have it in the print. That should be just fine.

What are your favorite Mint dresses and prints? (Any style of lolita applies)

I have a lot of favorites that come in mint! It’s hard to narrow it down. Musee du Chocolat, Milky Berry, Romantic Rose Letter, Candy Fun Fair, Sweet Cream House, Fleur Antoinette, Delice Fleur.

I'm a sweet lolita with a mainly pink wardrobe and brown as my neutral. However, I recently fell in love with a mint wig. I don't have anything else mint in my wardrobe except for detail on prints such as Bodyline's L247 and L547, in brown and pink respectively. Would a mint wig work with these details or would it look off? Thank you very much for your help!

I think mint looks adorable with pink and brown but I might see about adding some smaller mint details with it. Since it looks so cute with the colors you’re already working with, mint accessories can work throughout your wardrobe with or without the wig so it may be a good addition.

I'm planning on wearing the navy Milky Planet jsk with pink accessories. However, I'm intending to use a black headbow and wristcuffs. Could this work? It's all I've got.

I think it could work if you balance out the black more. Black shoes would be a good way to do it and then maybe add a little touch of pink with a smaller bow to the black headbow.

Hello! I want to ask, if you have an almost all black coord (the socks too) example the black happy bell metamorphose set, but then if I use the dark brown Cross Strap Mary Jane Shoes with Ribbon from metamorphose. Will it be considered as ita? Or will it match? Or will it looks weird? Thank you!

Brown is definitely not the way to go seeing as there are no other hints of brown anywhere in the coord (other than on the birds which are more of a yellow/tan than a dark brown). It will just look out of place. I would go with black shoes.

I'm looking into a shirt to go with a bodyline dress/jumper, l496, and I am currently looking at l364 and I was thinking that shirt looked good, but before I make a decision I'd like to know what the abbreviation "gen" means? Thank you.

I wasn’t entirely sure either so I looked around a little and I found a comment here that explains it very well:

Gen is short for Generation/Generate. It’s what 生成 (Seisei) translates into when it’s by it’s self. Not generation like family generations, but like, to generate / to create. When it’s talking about fabric, it’s supposedly “unbleached” (so, like linen that is the not bleached or dyed and is the natural color of the material would be seisei).
It’s usually translated to beige/cream/off-white/milk-tea/Ivory or some other not-quite-white term by brands. There is another similar color, キナリ (Kinari) which is used sometimes (and I’ve seen AP use seisei on one shop blog and then kinari on another for the same item?), which according to a sewing reference book refers to a fabric that is unbleached too.”

Hello! I was wondering if you could give my a few suggestions about Body Line's OP dress L094 in Pink. I received this as a gift a few years ago and have barely worn it! I'm having trouble pairing it with anything because it's only pink, no white accents. Any ideas with how to add other colors into it?

Since it’s basically a huge block of pink that covers your whole body my first move would be to take off the detachable sleeves to tone it down a little. I also think it’s just cuter without them. From there you can add other colors in (white or other pastels like sax, lavender, or mint would work well) and one way to choose your colors is to come up with a bit of a theme to work with. It could be something as simple as flowers or cotton candy or something a little more involved like a magical girl theme. Magical girl themes are very popular lately so I’ll just use that as an example. I think these tights are super cute so you could start off with your dress and these tights. The tights have your pink but they also give you more color that you can work with in the purple which you can use for your accessories like bows, rings, necklaces, pins, etc. Maybe swap the neckbow out for a purple one with a magical girl feel, add purple shoes and a star-shaped bag, and there you have it.

Hello! I'm purchasing Angelic Pretty's Milky Berry OP in mint. I was wondering how you'd recommend coordinating it with pink shoes? These are my first lolita purchases so I don't have tons of options, all I have is the OP, pink AnTaiNa shoes, and a blonde curly wig with bangs. Any ideas? I'm lost when it comes to socks/bags and other accessories. Thank you!!

I would go with either mint or white for the socks, maybe something with strawberries or a versatile print like a lace print, ribbons, bows, etc. Then maybe do pink for bigger accessories like your bag and a pink headbow and then mix mint and red for smaller things.