Hello! I'm purchasing Angelic Pretty's Milky Berry OP in mint. I was wondering how you'd recommend coordinating it with pink shoes? These are my first lolita purchases so I don't have tons of options, all I have is the OP, pink AnTaiNa shoes, and a blonde curly wig with bangs. Any ideas? I'm lost when it comes to socks/bags and other accessories. Thank you!!

I would go with either mint or white for the socks, maybe something with strawberries or a versatile print like a lace print, ribbons, bows, etc. Then maybe do pink for bigger accessories like your bag and a pink headbow and then mix mint and red for smaller things. 

Hi! I have Baby's 'Memories of my first Soiree' skirt in Ivory, what colour blouse would you recommend wearing? I have an ivory blouse but it's not quite the right shade and doesn't look right.

If you can find an ivory blouse that you think will look good with it I would go with that. Otherwise white should work or even a sort of dusty light pink. I think it would be very nice with the pink blouse actually, especially if you could incorporate the green from the skirt into the blouse with an accessory.

what colors do you think would go best with the l411 in sax? im thinking white or pinkish accessories possibly, but I want to keep the coord a bit more classic

White and pink would be good, but mostly white. I would use pink for accents (like a pink floral hair accessory) and white for the main pieces.

Hi! I was just wondering if pastel colours still look good if worn with a darker skin tone.. like, not very dark, but sort of, light caramel. Would it look weird? Are pastel colours better with lighter skin?

It’s not so much dependent on whether your skin is light or dark so much as whether it has warm or cool undertones and things like that. Some people have very light skin but look terrible in pastel colors and some people have dark skin and look amazing in pastel colors. And sometimes it’s nothing to do with whether or not it’s a pastel color, but rather what the color actually is. Maybe you look great in lavender but terrible in pink, or maybe the other way around. The best way to know is just to try on the colors and see what you think.

do you think it's a bad idea to coord my ap fancy paper dolls halter jsk in sax with red accessories? such as shoes, bag (with gold details), heart-shaped sunglasses, and also nails and lipstick? a little retro inspired uhm, or would it look stupid?

I think you may be taking it a little too far. I think you could definitely work red into it in the ways you mentioned, but don’t forget about the actual dress. At this rate you could have just used any old halter JSK and gotten a retro inspired look. Make sure you incorporate the colors and themes of the print into your coord as well rather than just focusing on the fact that halter JSKs can make for great retro themed coords.

Good Day! May I seek your opinion? Do you think lavender accessories would look off with f+f's A Midsummer's Night Dream in the purple colorway? I wanted darker/purple accessories but I can't find a cute bag in anything but lavender and I'm picky about my shoes matching my purse.

I think it depends on exactly what you’re using. The dress is very elegant and you should continue that through the coord which may be tricky because a lot of lavender Lolita items are more cutesy and Sweet. I think it would be ideal to focus on darker colors like black, dark purple, or navy and then add touches of lighter colors. 
As a matter of fact, I think I was able to find the perfect purse for you. It’s dark purple and the silver compliments the colors in the print of the dress and it’s perfect for the theme!

Is there such thing as all black classic coords? Or would that just make it goth?

There are definitely all black Classic coords. The color black isn’t the only thing that makes something Gothic after all. It’s a combination of color as well as themes included through prints, accessories, and various other details. All of those things can fall in line with Gothic but they can also lean toward other styles too. What you do is choose a very Classic base piece in black (Victorian Maiden has a lot of all black Classic dresses for example) and then when accessorizing keep Classic in mind and steer away from Gothic themes like bats, skulls, crosses, gothic architecture, etc.

Hi! I want your opinion on Bodyline's shoes 178. Which color would look better with skirt l398(black), the light pink, or the dark pink shoes? Me and my boyfriend think the dark pink would work, but I'm not sure how easy it is to coordinate dark pink with light pink colors/prints(I also have l136 in black, and l303 in beige) I just want to get the most out of these shoes, but if I need to get 2 different shades of pink then so be it xD Sorry for the wall of text!

I think dark pink would work better for 398 and 303 but I think light pink would work better for 136. You could also easily wear 136 with black or white shoes though (black shoes could also work for 398) so if you already have one of those I think it would be the best option to get the dark pink shoes now. Or you could get both shades if you want, whatever works for you.

Crap, i had forgot to say the color. Thanks for pointing that out I mean L323 in Black. What would look good with L323 in the color black?

The first thing I would do is ditch the choker and replace it with something more elegant. It’s not terrible but the bow in the front just looks bad. Maybe replace it with a pretty black lace choker that’s a little smaller like this or a necklace like this or this. I feel like you should have an emphasis on the black but don’t forget to use the lighter colors from the print as well and maybe keep a hold on the floral theme. I would go with Classic black shoes and then either black or ivory legwear. Maybe something with a little detail like these, these, or these
Since the sleeves are detachable and I personally think they’re a bit much for is particular dress I like to suggest taking them off and maybe doing something else to get some detail on your arms like black wrist cuffs or gloves. Then you could bring those floral elements in with your jewelry and headwear with rings and corsages or a floral headdress.

how could i coord l325 in blk with brown shoes? i was thinking brown blouse / blk headdress / and maybe blk wristcuffs / along with black lace tights / and black shoe clips? how does this sound on terms of being balanced? thanks in advanced @v@

I feel like a brown blouse might be a bit much. Maybe lighten it up with ivory and then just have touches of brown. An ivory blouse, ivory shoe clips, maybe a brown accessory like a brooch or rosette on the blouse, black legwear, black hair accessory, and smaller brown bits like a brown bag, brown wrist cuffs, etc.