So I'm coordinating l346 in sax with a white/cream blouse and various pink/blue accessories (mostly pink roses) and I was wondering if blue, pink, or white shoes would fit the coord best?

You could get away with any of them but personally I would choose blue since you’re using the pink for most of your accessories and the white seems like more of a secondary color to me.

Do you or any of your followers have any suggestions on a interesting way to coord a solid white onepiece? I've done straight up shiro a few times, but I feel like there must be more that can be done to make it more interesting. Onepieces seem hard to coord in an interesting way because you can't layer them, and solid ones tend to look even more bland, so I'd love some suggestions on how to spice it up! Especially interested in shoe and hair accessory ideas.

The most obvious way to add interest would be to add pops of color but there’s a number of ways you can do that. One way that I thought of would be to add an overskirt like one of the ones Haenuli has. So here’s an example. You can take your white OP and then wear it with this navy overskirt. Then you can bring the blue back into your legwear along with a silvery white for a little extra dimension which you’ll also get out of the high-low overskirt. Then I see black shoes which will go well with the black accents on this blue bonnet which you can line with white roses. Then you can accessorize with silver jewelry with a few little pops of black and blue.

That’s just one example of course, there are a lot of things you can do with it, but hopefully this gives you some inspiration to build on.

I have Bodyline's pinkXpink "fruit parlor" skirt, I love it and I don't want to sell it, but I can't seem to make it work for me. I don't know if the color pink doesn't match my skin, or if it's too sweet, or what. Or maybe it's just the fact it's a skirt that doesn't look right on me. Do you have any suggestions for toning it down? Or any other ideas of things I can try to change the look? I'm sorry I know this Is vague and you can't do much without seeing me but I'm really stumped.

Something that I’ve found is that while I love pastels, I look better in dark colors so what I’ve taken to doing fairly often is coordinating my pastels with dark colors, mainly black. Perhaps this skirt with a black blouse that has a touch of pink on it (a pink bow at the neck, a pink brooch, a pink necklace, something like that), a black hair accessory, pink legwear (or pink and black together), black shoes. The right balance of light colors and dark colors can help tone things down a little while still keeping it very sweet and cute.

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Hi! So the other day I got this cute fabric and I want to use it in a jsk. So I have a couple questions. 1. Do you think it’d look good? I’m planning on only making the skirt part out of this fabric. 2. What color would be best for the torso part? I prefer darker colors in Lolita but I want to make sure it looks pretty. I was thinking brown/tan or warm grey, would those be bad choices?

(This is a weird photo, it’s a bit lighter in real life)

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I think it’s pretty cute but it strikes me as something that would only really work in Country Lolita so keep that in mind. I think that in order to keep the dress from looking too top-heavy you should avoid using too dark of a color on the bodice but a light-ish tan would be a good option or a light yellow or even a dusty pink. Then since you like darker colors you could maybe pair it with a darker brown bolero and brown shoes to get some of that dark coloring in there without overwhelming the light print.

Hello! I have a question about wearing items that aren't exactly color coordinated. I have Chess Story's High tea jsk in purple. I don't have any lavender shoes though! I have a pair of pink tea parties, but I don't know if the lavender/ pink combo is too vibrant. Thank you <3

I don’t see why you couldn’t wear them together. It’s already a super Sweet coord and it does already have some pink in it so they should work fine.

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Hi! First of all, thank you for the wonderful job you do running this blog, it’s immensely helpful!

I’m an aspiring lolita and I’m hoping to place a Taobao order soon, thanks to some money I’ve been gifted with. I want to get the Infanta Charlie and the Toy Factory JSK in green tartan [x] as well as their Snow White skirt in blue [x], but I don’t know which blouse to get. I already have a short-sleeved white blouse that’s entirely loliable, but I wanted a long-sleeved one and I can’t decide which of these [x] [x] I should get. I know white is more versatile, but I’m afraid it’ll be boring and redundant, considering I already own a white blouse.

My other option would be to get a wine red cardigan and wear it over the blouse I already own. Which do you think would be best? Thank you in advance!

Response from Lolita Tips:

I like the first blouse! I think it’s pretty and versatile and the wine color is a good color for both of your other pieces. That first one would definitely be my choice.

Do you think it would be possible to coord Infantas Snow White print JSK in blue with pink? The roses on the dress are pink so I thought maybe a pink blouse would help bring them out. I'm not so sure about shoes and legwear I thought maybe lace/floral stockings and pink or black or gold shoes.

Maybe if you could find something in a muted, more Classic sort of dusty pink. The shade of pink this blouse comes in might work. You just don’t want it to be too much of a sweet pink or it just won’t suit the look of the dress. Then I would say maybe black or navy shoes and just pick up on the pink with smaller accessories that you could work in with other rose accessories.

I browsed the shoe tag, but couldn't find an answer (sorry if I totally breezed over it!). My wardrobe recently went SUPER PINK (many MANY pink dresses, all AP and Baby, most have white accents), and now I'm looking at getting a first pair of pink shoes. Do you have any color tips, since all the pinks are going to be a little different? Thank you!

I think a lighter pink like the pink AP usually uses for their Tea Party shoes would usually be your best bet. From what I’ve noticed, most of the time when you have very different shades of pink on one dress it’s mainly light pink with dark pink details which is why I think light pink would be best for your first pink shoes. Eventually though I would recommend adding darker pink and white shoes as well.

So I have a red lolita dress, it's pretty classic and has a big skirt...I'm not a huge fan of red cause I feel self conscious about sticking out, and my arms are really dark compared to my face (I think). Is there anyway I can wear this and not look like a sore thumb? I've had the dress for a few months now and all I can help myself to do is just try it on and look at the mirror.

Try toning down the red by coordinating it with another color. Black is a good basic color that would do a good job of taking some attention away. You could add a black bolero or cardigan with long sleeves that will cover up the top half so it’s more like a red skirt, or you could hide some of the red a bit with an overskirt like this which would be gorgeous but it would definitely stand out more than the other option.

How could you have a coord with Infanta's Creamy Cat in brown while using pink shoes? My girlfriend thought it would look cute but I feel like there's not enough pink in the print.

I think there’s enough pink in the print that it would work well if you find a way to balance it with more pink at the top of the coord like a pink blouse or headwear.