So I have a red lolita dress, it's pretty classic and has a big skirt...I'm not a huge fan of red cause I feel self conscious about sticking out, and my arms are really dark compared to my face (I think). Is there anyway I can wear this and not look like a sore thumb? I've had the dress for a few months now and all I can help myself to do is just try it on and look at the mirror.

Try toning down the red by coordinating it with another color. Black is a good basic color that would do a good job of taking some attention away. You could add a black bolero or cardigan with long sleeves that will cover up the top half so it’s more like a red skirt, or you could hide some of the red a bit with an overskirt like this which would be gorgeous but it would definitely stand out more than the other option.

How could you have a coord with Infanta's Creamy Cat in brown while using pink shoes? My girlfriend thought it would look cute but I feel like there's not enough pink in the print.

I think there’s enough pink in the print that it would work well if you find a way to balance it with more pink at the top of the coord like a pink blouse or headwear.

Can you suggest some nice accessories for the summer painting jsk by Dear Celine? I wanted to put some white tights and a white blouse with black shoes, so maybe light blue accessories (??) I am still very new to lolita I'm always afraid to make mistakes >.<

I think what you have could use a little tweaking to really give this gorgeous dress justice. I think a simple first step to take it to the next level would be to replace the white pieces with ivory. It’s more elegant and better suits the muted color scheme. I would then consider switching out the black shoes because it’s such a stark color while the print is so light and easy on the eyes. I think it would be too much of a contrast. A dusty pink like this for example to match the bows would be lovely, or even something brown.
For accessories I would keep to that muted, elegant color palette. Pearl jewelry or antique looking jewelry would be perfect, perhaps with some ivory lace accents and floral accessories. Things like this and this would work perfectly just for a few examples.

I usually wear mostly black, but I'm really digging Meta's Patissiere Dream skirt in blue. Could I wear it with a black blouse and black tights if I accessorize with blue / colors from the print ? Or would that look wonky

I think you could probably get away with that. I would definitely consider working some lighter color, probably that blue, into the blouse area to lighten it up so it isn’t so top heavy. Perhaps you could do a blue neck bow with the black blouse and then maybe incorporate both the black and the blue in your headwear. Then you could draw on the colors from the print for smaller accessories and maybe incorporate them into legwear too, perhaps with black tights or socks that have a light design on them.

Hi! I've been debating on what colored shoes I should get. My wardrobe is more bittersweet (I know the term is really silly) with some pink against brown/black, and I don't know if I want to get a second pair of black shoes or a second pair of pink shoes. Black is really versatile but my socks are also dark, so I feel as though pink would be a good way to balance it out... Please help!

Have you considered maybe getting more light colored socks and wearing them with black shoes? I think dark socks with lighter shoes can sometimes look a bit odd depending on the rest of the coord so it would give you more options, and it would help you mix things up in your wardrobe a bit to have pink socks to go with your other pink accents and then more black shoes.
You also mentioned having brown in your wardrobe but no brown shoes. Perhaps now would be a good time to get a brown pair?

Hi! I bought bodyline's L187 in dark pink a while ago but I'm having trouble coording it. Do you think a black blouse would look ok with it or should I get something to match the cream color of the cameos? How would you accessorize it? would gold and pink jewelry work?

First of all I would like to thank you. This is the best way to ask a question about coordinating something. I like to know that you have your own ideas and aren’t just leaving it up to me to do the work so thank you for that.
Anyway, I think for a blouse you would be fine with either black or cream. If you were to do black I would balance it out with some more black and then the gold and pink jewelry would work perfectly, especially if you’re incorporating more of the darker pink of the skirt. Gold jewelry and pink, floral accessories would work nicely.

Will a bright royal blue work in lolita? I bought a lot of cotton fabric very cheaply and it is good quality (not like brand quality but acceptable for lolita), although Im not sure what to do with it. Please help!

It can work if you do it well. I can actually give you some examples.

I'm attending a con wearing lolita on Sunday! But, my dress is a problematic colour. Its a lilac, which I love, but I don't really have any lilac lolita items to pair it with. Its an OP, and very princess-like. Help please! Thank you in advance!

Lilac can work with a lot of other colors too. White and pink work well, or black depending on the look you’re going for. I especially love lilac and black together. Other than offering other color suggestions though I’m not much help without knowing your dress better, knowing your wardrobe, and knowing that you only have until Sunday. I can offer you inspiration though if you look at my lavender tag (basically the same color as lilac in my mind, I just tend to label it differently.)

Hello! I'm a budding lolita and I was thinking of getting the Infanta Ann's Town JSK but I wanted to use a blouse I already have that's black but I don't which color of the JSK would work. I guess Im going for a gothic, classic, and country hybrid?

I honestly think either would work just as well.

Hello! ^^ I'd like to ask for some advice on my first coord, please. I've bought this dress in mint lolibrary(.)org/apparel/blanche-jsk and the accent color on it is dark brown. Which colors do you think it would work best with in a coord, cream/brown, brown, black, or something else?

Cream and brown would work well with some more accents of mint maybe.