being extremely skinny and male (so flat chested) i have a hard time finding things that would fit me. Do you have any recommendations for place that would fit really small, but tall people? (for scale im 180 cm, but have a 64 cm waist, so really skinny) Thanks! (sorry if you already got this, tumblr has been eating my messages recently) hope you have a Happy April fools!

A lot of brand skirts would be small enough, or at least close enough to being small enough that waist ties or a safety pin would be all it takes to fit well. The problem then becomes the height. You’re about 10cm taller than I am and I find that the brand pieces I have hit right at the top of my knee so they may be a little short on you, but what you could do is fix that by adding an underskirt. You could get offbrand underskirts in a few neutral colors that will look good in your wardrobe and they’ll just add the extra length you need. There’s also the option of just having things custom made so they fit you perfectly.
For more info on tall Lolitas see here and for more info on were you can find custom sizing see here.



More brolita goodness!

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Can you be 100% frank with me? I want to get into lolita, but I am a boy with a rather deep voice. Is this something other lolitas will laugh at? I want to get into something that I can be comfortable with so please please be honest and let me know about any resistance I might meet from other lolitas over my sex. I am just really scared that when they hear me talk or if they look close and see that my jawline is a little darker that I will be rejected which is not really something I can handle.

It really depends on the people in your comm. As I’ve said for other situations, I like to think that since we know what it’s like to be judged Lolitas tend to be a little more open-minded than many people, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are a lot of male Lolitas out there so you’re definitely not alone, just do the best you can possibly do, know how to work with your body type, and learn all the ins and outs of the fashion just like any other Lolita would do when starting out. When you feel happy with what you’re wearing, maybe make an effort to be part of a community and if it doesn’t work out don’t let it keep you from doing what you love. You may have some Lolitas who laugh at you just because of the disconnect between your clothes and your voice, you may have some Lolitas who laugh at you because they feel like you “don’t fit-in,” but never feel like you’re the only person going through that because you’re not. Whether someone is male, female, or any other gender identity of lack-there-of there will always be mean people lurking in the comms ready to tear people down just because they feel like it.
Is it something that some other Lolitas will laugh at? Yes. Is it something that a lot of other Lolitas will laugh at? Probably not. Most Lolitas are pretty nice people contrary to popular belief, you might just have to dodge some bullets to get to them.


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This is a delicate question, but biologically speaking I'm male but would love very much to attempt something in a lolita style. I'm not huge and hulking or anything, but I worry a lot about whether or not I have any hope of pulling it off. What are your thoughts on the subject?

There are actually a lot of males who wear Lolita. In fact, Mana, one of the most famous Lolitas and the owner of the brand Moi-meme-Moitie is male.

You can find more in my male Lolitas tag.



Finally, the edited version of these photos.
Took me long enough. :D

This was my outfit for the 34th Chateau Chocolat lolita meetup at Schloss Wickrath in Mönchengladbach.
These photos were taken by Vio with my camera and edited by myself.

Flowercrown: Selfmade.
Wig: Bought at DoKomi ‘13.
Bolero: Fashion escApe.
JSK: Bodyline (one of my dream dresses I coincidentally found at a B&B I’m still happy ^__^).
Socks: Primark.
Shoes: Osco.
Contact lenses: Honeycolor.
Accessoires: Mainly Kangnai and Kik

For once I really loved my outfit and don’t regret one detail about it. :D

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The documentary I was interviewed for about lolita fashion is up! Thank you 72U for including me in your beautiful project! 

I’m really proud of everyone involved in this project, it turned out beautifully and you all look great! 

This makes me so happy! I was expecting just another intro to Lolita kind of thing but it was so much better than that! This could be such an inspiration for so many new Lolitas!

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I think it's worth mentioning that some schools have dress codes against boys wearing skirts. I know mine did, since some boys started wearing shorter skirts to protest the teachers bullying girls with 'short skirts' by sending them to the principal's office, because there was no rule against boys wearing skirts at all. So they changed the whole dress code to ban it. So it's always wise to check the dress code, especially for brolitas.
As someone that has worn lolita to school before, it really does depend on the school you go to in my opinion. I've crossdressed multiple times, but it was all during the Halloween season, which I think would be a great place to start if you don't feel confident doing it on a regular school day. Also, be sure to have a good support group backing you up; you may be able to take on the world alone, but doesn't mean you have to. /2cents from a Broli
I know that being a lolita in school is hard but what about being a brolita going to school?

I imagine that would be a lot more difficult, especially depending on where you happen to live. I would say (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) that you should start off small to get people used to the idea. Maybe start wearing regular skirts to school for a while to get your classmates accustomed to the idea of a guy in a skirt, and then work up toward Lolita from there. You may not have to do this, you know your school and the people in it better than I do, but it’s a suggestion. Are there any other Brolitas reading this who would have recommendations about going to school in Lolita?