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Hey, I recently purchased Alice and the Pirates ‘Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town Jumper Skirt ’ in black. But I’m having a hard time finding a good blouse. Black is too dark and doesn’t show off the bat straps (which are too good not to show off).
I think a lavender or antinque/rosey-pink would look nice, like in the test I made. Those blouses are either sold out, or won’t fit me though (plus size), and I’m having trouble finding something. Would you have any recommendations? Or another color you think would work?

Response from Lolita Tips:

I think the pink is a really good color for it. I think it really brings out the print and shows off the awesome straps. This one is a little lighter but it may be a good option. 

i'm thinking of buying l159 in black, and i haven't really seen any opinions of it online even though i've looked around a bit. what do you think of it? ps i know the stock photos look a bit eh but i think that's down to it being bodyline?

I think it’s okay. I think it would probably look nicer without the bow, or at least without the rose, which I believe is removable. 

I'm looking to buy the bodyline L188 jsk, but I'm having trouble finding a good blouse to go with it? I was thinking about pairing it with the bodyline L108 blouse white or tan. What do you think?

I think it’s a good option. I would do the blouse in beige if you’re getting the dress in regular pink and the blouse in white if you’re getting the dark pink.

My first blouse is a fully shirred one, but it turns out that fully shirred things look horrible on me! I'm not big enough to stretch out the shirring so it looks awkwardly frumpy on me. I'm thinking of taking out some shirring and adding lace, do you have any idea how to do that?

Because of the way shirring is done the only way I can think of doing it without completely ruining the blouse would just be to cut out a panel of the shirring and replacing it with regular fabric which may be difficult to do. A better suggestion would be to just wear the blouse under JSKs instead of with skirts so the shirring will be covered.

Which blouse do you think would look good with Angelic pretty's Labyrinth of Rose JSK in pink? I'm thinking of Bodyline's L523 in pink maybe?

I think it would be okay but it definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. If you’re looking at Bodyline, L373 and L364 may be good options. Something like this or this.

I'm lolifying an old steampunk blouse of mine, and was wondering--what would be a good method for covering up a keyhole?

A big bow or a jabot would probably be a good way to go depending on how big the keyhole is.

For the F+F Time Lord high-waisted skirt in blue you just posted on your Tumblr, which color blouse would be better - a black blouse or a white one? I'm planning on buying the Time Lord skirt plus a blouse for my next coord ^_^

I think either color blouse would work just as well. I would suggest basing it on what you’ll wear more with other things.

Which blouse do you prefer out of L157 and L160? I want one with detachable sleeves...

I definitely prefer L160. The other one is okay but the shape of the collar wouldn’t look very good with nearly as many things as the rounded collar of 160.

Hello! I have ordered both l380 (off white or beige or whatever they call it) and l353 (grey) and I'm looking for a blouse to wear with both of them in a dusty rose color. I would ideally like it to be somewhat fancy with some lace accents, but seeing as it is a difficult color to come by, I won't be picky. Any suggestions?

I’m not sure what your price range is, but Classic Lolita brands like Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, and Mary Magdalene have made them so I would take a look at those and maybe look around second hand for more options. I couldn’t really find a lot of offbrand options in a dusty rose but I did think of this pretty pink one that would be cute with both skirts.
Another option I can give you is to go to the comm sales or somewhere similar and make a WTB post. I’m sure there are some floating around somewhere that you could get your hands on.

HI! sorry to bother you but I wanted your advice on something. I was looking at L303 and I think it's really cute, but I was wondering if I should buy it in pink or purple. I was thinking of pairing it with Magic Tea Party Shelia Classical Blouse MTB0005 in pink. But I thought if I got it in purple it might match a casual lacander crew neck sweater I got at a thrift store. do you think there's enough pink in the purple skirt to match the blouse though?

I think it’ll look fine with the purple skirt. You can always work the colors together a little more through accessories if you need to.