What do you think of Infanta's Creamy Cat Chiffon blouse? I plan on getting the cream one and wearing mostly classic (occasionally realistic sweet), but as it will be my first blouse purchase, I'm a little worried about a fabric that looks so delicate in pictures. Thanks for your help!

I think it’s adorable and would be a good option for a first blouse for Classic coords. It does look delicate but that’s just sort of the nature of chiffon. It’s more durable than it looks though, I would just be careful when washing it. 

Hello! I wanted to ask if Anna House's blouse 016-1180 in white would work for a Sweet or Classic lolita? Do you think that taking off the bows would help for Classic?

With or without the bows I think it leans more toward sweet but could work with either in a lot of cases.

Out of Bodyline's L108 or L301, which would go better with Innocent World's Roses and Little Birds striped skirt?

I think L301 would look cuter with it.

Hello lovely lady, I hope you can help me. I really wanted the F+F "Dolly Gothic Lolita: Short Sleeves Large Collar Shirt" (first google image search result) but they are not selling or remaking it (I emailed them asking). Do you have any suggestions for similar shirts that are under $80 and preferably not just small brand size?

This one right? Anna House has two options that are similar in that they both have the Peter Pan collar and yoke. They have this one with short sleeves that you could probably get them to make you in another color since the only color shown is lavender (it says it can’t be custom because the fabric is limited but if your custom order has nothing to do with that fabric they should be able to do it) and they have this one which has long sleeves but you may be able to get them to make it with short sleeves instead.

I recently bought baby's love ring gift box in pink and the jsk has weird cap sleeves so I'm not sure what to wear with it. Any help would be great, thank you!

You mean as far as a blouse goes? With a JSK that has sleeves like that it’s enough like an OP that your really don’t have to wear a blouse with it. However I have seen those sleeves scrunched together to look more like a traditional JSK strap and if you can do that you can wear blouses very easily. I would suggest a blouse with a high collar or no collar at all due to the dress having a high neckline and the bow.
Keep in mind though that no matter which way you’re wearing the sleeves you can wear it with a blouse if you want it to have long sleeves. OPs can often be worn with a blouse to make them more versatile in different seasons.

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Are these two blouses loli-able?

Response from Lolita Tips:

Assuming you buttoned up the first one the whole way including the clasp at the neck (as is I think it just looks sloppy and not very good at all) they’ll both work fine. The lace on the first one isn’t great but there’s not very much of it and most of it is black on black anyway so it doesn’t really stand out.

Hi there. I was wondering what jsk's or skirts from bodyline you might suggest go with the bodyline blouse L382 in beige. I already have the Cinderella bunny skirt in purple but I don't know what else that particular blouse would go with ^^; It'd be mostly for either sweet or classical style. Thank you in advance :) (also, I'd most likely wear any co-ord with bodylines shoes261 in matt brown, if that helps)

The blouse does have a very Classic/Sweet look to it so I looked for skirts that fit that as well and I came up with L504, L507, L514 in brown, L485, L372 in brown, L535, and L325. None of the JSKs really stood out to me as being as good for it as any of the skirts.

I'm planning a coord with the Magic Tea Party Christmas morning JSK in Wine, but I'm unsure which blouse would work best with it. I've been looking at both Magic Tea Party Cultivates and Fisciano as possibilities, however I'm open to other suggestions. I'd like to keep the blouse either white or cream. Thank you!

I think the Cultivates blouse would be a better option. I’m concerned about how the neckline of the other one would look with that of the JSK. The only concern I have about the Cultivates blouse is that the collar is so big. It’s super pretty but I wonder how it would sit on the straps of that particular JSK. Perhaps something with a higher collar like this would suit it better.

Hi! I am getting my first classic blouse and I was wondering out of these (L108,L301,L402 and L383) which one would be best? Are there any other ones that would be good?

Out of those I would say L108 is your best option. I think it has the most mature look L301 could also work but it’s a little Sweeter. Other options would be L382 (which I think is probably their most Classic blouse) and L315 if it wasn’t sold out in every color but that weird apple green.

Would it be okay to coord Bodyline L348 in blackxwhite with Bodyline L159 in white+black?

I don’t think it would look very good. Not only do I think the style of the neckline of the blouse would look odd with that style of JSK (because of the way the ruffles are set up) but the black trim on the white blouse just looks really weird in this case. I think you would be better off with an all white or all black blouse.