I'm going to get and coord bodyline L489, and I was wondering if it's okay w/o a blouse? I am somewhat large chested, and thats my main worry. If not, do you have any suggestions on a Bodyline JSK that would work without a blouse and has a size fitting a 100~ cm bust?

I definitely do not think this JSK would be a good option to wear without a blouse. I think wearing this particular JSK without one would leave the whole coord looking unfinished no matter what else you did with it, but I see absolutely no reason you couldn’t wear it with a blouse. The 4L fits up to a 104cm bust and I can assure you wearing a blouse isn’t going to take up that much space.
Bodyline doesn’t really have a lot of JSKs that would work well without blouses. Halters like L226 and L262 can be really cute without blouses in the summer but neither of those are the right size. The only other one that really sticks out to me as not needing a blouse and fitting your bust is L320.

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Hi! First of all, thank you for the wonderful job you do running this blog, it’s immensely helpful!

I’m an aspiring lolita and I’m hoping to place a Taobao order soon, thanks to some money I’ve been gifted with. I want to get the Infanta Charlie and the Toy Factory JSK in green tartan [x] as well as their Snow White skirt in blue [x], but I don’t know which blouse to get. I already have a short-sleeved white blouse that’s entirely loliable, but I wanted a long-sleeved one and I can’t decide which of these [x] [x] I should get. I know white is more versatile, but I’m afraid it’ll be boring and redundant, considering I already own a white blouse.

My other option would be to get a wine red cardigan and wear it over the blouse I already own. Which do you think would be best? Thank you in advance!

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I like the first blouse! I think it’s pretty and versatile and the wine color is a good color for both of your other pieces. That first one would definitely be my choice.

Hello there! I'm trying to put a coord together for btssb's Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town Jumper Skirt Ⅱ in Navy & Brown or Black & Black but I'm having some trouble with finding a blouse. Any suggestions?

I would recommend something with a high collar so you don’t have anything distracting from the super cool bat-like neckline of the JSK.

If you got my previous ask about this, I’m incredibly sorry; I didn't see the answer. If it’s in your FAQ or tags, I can’t see it there either. The girl in the middle on your header art... What is the style name of her blouse? I have googled as many terms as I can think of but none yielded any results. Or do you know of any brands that make blouses like this? I'm mainly looking for either white or black though I'm not too fussy, and long or short sleeves are okay too. Thankyou in advance! :D

She actually isn’t wearing a blouse, she’s wearing this OP.
That being said, are you specifically looking for a top with a square neckline and crossed straps? It tends to be a more common style for cutsews and OPs rather than blouses, but if you really look around you can sometimes find blouses in the style. It doesn’t really have a specific name, it’s just a combination of the square neckline and crossed straps. I was able to find a few blouses for you though, this one from Bodyline and then a few from Anna House.


Just wanted to share this adorable blouse I found at Forever21 this week. It looks blueish but it was more minty. I thought it would make for a great Sweet Lolita blouse either under a JSK or with a camisole under it and tucked into a skirt.

Just wanted to share this adorable blouse I found at Forever21 this week. It looks blueish but it was more minty. I thought it would make for a great Sweet Lolita blouse either under a JSK or with a camisole under it and tucked into a skirt.

I've noticed a lot in lolita that the 'white blouse + black jsk' combination seems quite easy to coordinate and works well but I was wondering if 'black blouse + white jsk' would work? Would it be too difficult? Also do you think the blouse would show through too much? It's just a suggestion.

It is definitely more difficult to get it to look good. I would say this is mainly because white is so light and black is so heavy that when you have a lot of the heavy color and just a little of the light color it looks fine but if you reverse it and have a lot of the light color trying to compete with the heavy color it can create an imbalance. There is also the matter of, as you suggested, the blouse showing through if the JSK isn’t lined or a thick fabric.  It generally looks better with a cardigan or bolero as opposed to a blouse and it tends to look best when the white JSK has black or other dark colored detail of some sort to help create a balance.

Hi! This isn't specifically a lolita question, but I figured if anyone knew about this you would. Is there another word for the "bibbed" kind of look on the bodices of some of the dresses and on some of the tops in lolita? Where it sometimes has pintucks or is edged with ruffles or sometimes is a different color from the rest of the dress? Every time I try to search up "bib dress" anywhere, I just find a lot of overalls...

It’s called a yoke.

Hi! I bought bodyline's L187 in dark pink a while ago but I'm having trouble coording it. Do you think a black blouse would look ok with it or should I get something to match the cream color of the cameos? How would you accessorize it? would gold and pink jewelry work?

First of all I would like to thank you. This is the best way to ask a question about coordinating something. I like to know that you have your own ideas and aren’t just leaving it up to me to do the work so thank you for that.
Anyway, I think for a blouse you would be fine with either black or cream. If you were to do black I would balance it out with some more black and then the gold and pink jewelry would work perfectly, especially if you’re incorporating more of the darker pink of the skirt. Gold jewelry and pink, floral accessories would work nicely.

I have an Infanta floral tiered jsk, and it has kind of wide shoulder straps and a sweetheart neckline. I have Ahard time finding blouses that would look good with it, so the collar on the blouse don't get under the shoulder straps in a weird way. Do you have any tips or ideas on blouses that could work? English is not my first language so you might not be able to understand my question, sorry.

I would suggest either a blouse with a high collar that wouldn’t get in the way of the straps or a blouse with no collar with either a neckline that is completely hidden by the dress or one that matches that of the dress.

Hello! It may come off as a really silly question but I was wondering, would it be considered ok wearing a blouse underneath an op? I live in a country that gets extremely cold in winters and wondered if there was an alternative to a bolero! Thanks!

You can wear a blouse under an OP but make sure the necklines go together. A blouse with a Peter Pan collar under an OP with a Peter Pan collar would look weird and bulky, but if you were to wear a blouse with a collar under an OP that just had a square or sweetheart neckline that can look really cute. Or if you wore an OP with a collar with a blouse that didn’t have a collar or if both pieces didn’t have collars.