Hi, I just wanted to second your answer about the Classical Puppets bloomers. I love mine, they're well constructed, comfortable, and cute, but the elastic is not forgiving, so definitely go custom sized.

Good to know! Thanks for your input.

Hello! Do you know anything about the fit of Classical Puppets bloomers? It is stated that their waistbands stretch to 100 cm maximum. I was wondering if they would (comfortably) be able to accommodate hips that are about 110 cm, or if I would have to get custom sizing? I've never bought bloomers before, & I'm unsure if there is more room in the hip/rump area than in the waistband, or if they are both 100 cm max. Thank you for your time. Love your blog. <3

I would go ahead and get them custom. I know that with their petticoats they can usually stretch a little farther than the max they give but I imagine bloomers would be different because they’re more enclosed around the legs and butt. It’s a little less convenient to get them custom sized but it’s worth it to be more comfortable.

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Anon please. I’m not a lolita but I am a fan of the style and since mori kei overlaps a little I try and keep up with what’s happening in the loli community. A question you seem to get time and time again is why you should wear bloomers. I found a gif of Snow White from one of the parks doing a twirl to show off her dress ( and Since she still looks so modest and elegant I thought it was a good example. The fact you work at a disney park and are a disney fan is a bonus, but the gif really shows the use of bloomers and how much better they look with loli than bicycle shorts or nothing.

Response from Lolita Tips:

That is a perfect example! Although I’m not against the use of bike shorts or other shorts if bloomers aren’t an option for someone at the time due to budget or what have you, this is a great example of why bloomers are such a great thing to have! Not only do they help with the modesty factor, but they also keep with the cute and elegant theme much better than a regular old pair of shorts!
Thank you for sharing this!

In reply to that last anon, I have a pair of bloomers from bodyline and they are super cute and comfortable!


Hello dear, I love your blog! Do you know anything of the quality of Bodyline bloomers? I was considering buying pan053 but am worried that the fabric looks very stiff and may be too itchy. Also, I am looking at buying a Daily Bell Shape and a Daily A Shape petticoat and have found the ones available on Qutieland, but was wondering if you could refer me to some different ones that may be available from Bodyline. Which site do you think offers better quality? Bodyline or Qutieland? Thanks! xoxo

I think those bloomers look perfectly fine. They don’t look to me like they would be itchy at all. 
As for the petticoats, I definitely do NOT recommend buying any from Bodyline. They’re perfectly fine for a lot of things, but not for petticoats. Even the ones that look fluffy in the stock photos have been known to flatten out very quickly. Definitely go with the Classical Puppets ones you saw on Qutieland instead.

I'm getting F+F's UN00016 bloomers as part of my birthday present, and I was wondering if the ruffles will keep the back of my petti from falling flat? Just to keep it up enough so the petti can keep it's shape a bit more. What do you think?

They can help a little but not a ton. They can flatten out just as easily as a petti and unlike the petti, they may not spring back up when you stand because they’re just cotton rather than organza or something similar that fluffs well.

Is it absolutely necessary to wear bloomers under a lolita dress? I live in the country that's rain and shine 365 days a year and I really need help trying to keep things as cool as possible. Thanks !

In my opinion, yes. Bloomers, bike shorts, something of the sort. They really don’t hold in very much heat unless you get a particularly thick fabric and you can get shorter ones. The whole point of them though is to keep your underwear hidden if the wind blows your skirt up (which can happen a lot due to the shape of Lolita skirts) or if you’re walking up stairs, bending over, or in those cases when small children run over to see what makes the princess’s dress so fluffy.

I'm a bit confused, do you wear a pair of bloomers and a petticoat at the same time or separate?

You wear both at the same time because they serve very different purposes. Your petticoat gives you the necessary volume and your bloomers are there for modesty, the same reason one would wear bike shorts with a regular dress.
Please remember to check the tags because I have answered this before.

Polar fleece bloomers, Y/N? I've heard of "fleece bloomers" before, but I want to make sure we're talking about the same material - the very soft and warm synthetic fabric used in some winter clothing, especially sportswear?

I was thinking the kind of fleece blankets are made out of but I guess they’re really the same thing. It’s soft and cozy and it’ll definitely help keep you warm and I think it’s a great option for winter bloomers if you’re in particularly cold weather. It’s not really something I would recommend for just sort of “Eh, it’s kinda cold out” weather though because it’ll be too warm. I would save it for “Holy crap I’m freezing my ass off why did I even leave the house today?” weather.


But I think it depends on the situation. If your tights are thick and dark enough that you can’t see through them at all then you’re fine to go without bloomers because your tights will do the same job. But if your tights are lighter or thinner and can be seen through you should definitely put bloomers over them. In the Winter it’s also a good idea to just wear bloomers over your tights all the time because it gives you extra insulation from the cold.