Hello! I am a art major and Japanese minor in college, and I am a officer in my college anime club. I am sorta nervous that when I start to wear Lolita, people might think of me as like some sort of "weaboo" and that I am wearing it to be like a " KAWAII ANIME CHARACTER DESU~". How do I make sure that doesn't happen? And also, I am taking a sculpture class next semester and would hate to dirty my Coords, any suggestions? Thank you :)

If people don’t think you’re a weeaboo for being a Japanese minor and officer in the anime club then I don’t think wearing Lolita is going to affect it too much. Most people don’t even realize right away that Lolita is a Japanese thing until you tell them and then they’re like “Oh that makes sense. It’s weird enough. But like, in a cool way.” But if they do for whatever think you’re a weeaboo, the cure for that is to just act like a normal civilized person. Weeaboos have these things they like to do where they yell anime references at each other across large crowded spaces, grab people’s boobs and tell them how moe they are, and have loud conversations about how they should have been born Japanese. If anyone knows what a weeaboo is, that’s what they’re going to think of. You seem cool and I would therefore like to assume that you’re just normally functioning individual who happens to like things that come from Japan and therefore, people have no reason to think you’re a weeaboo. And if they do, they’re just dumb.

Now for your sculpture class, I highly recommend looking for cute aprons. Specifically I would say a pinafore apron because they can be very cute and they cover your whole front. 

Are aprons doing a comeback? Because I love aprons and I've been seeing them in sweet.

I don’t think they ever went away really. I’ve always seen them pop up in Sweet.



realisticsweet’s Chess Chocolate DIY apron coordinate

(via babyrad)

I've seen aprons used occasionally in lolita, but wouldn't they bey considered ita? Or costumey? aprons always remind me of maids, which are rather sexualized, too.

They’re usually used with a theme like an Alice in Wonderland theme or a baking theme, usually with Sweet Lolita. The trick to not looking like you’re wearing a costume is basically the same as with animal ears, make it make sense. You can do this by either wearing it with a theme as I’ve mentioned or you can make it a more stylized apron like the heart-shaped aprons you often see so it looks like an actual part of the outfit rather than just something you threw on to do chores. (They can also work with more historical child-like looks, sort of going back to what I said with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Just be careful not to go too crazy with the theme or you’ll look like an Alice face character rather than Lolita.)

hello! I am the anon who asked about whether the bodyline's dresses are ita or not! l178 seems like a really cute dress, equipped with detachable sleeves and apron, but I was wondering if it was too much because of it's use of the apron. If it's too much, would it be okay to wear it plain (like in the side picture)?

I actually think it looks a lot better with the apron to be honest. Aprons can work from time to time in Sweet Lolita and this is one of those times. I really think it looks too plain with out it and if you were to wear it without the apron I would suggest adding a belt or something to make it look less flat.

I know the maid look can be very Ita, but how Ita are half aprons? As long as the coord isn't all black and white, are they okay for Lolita?

It depends entirely on the rest of the coord. They can look very cute with some Sweet Lolita coords but it can depend. The first question you should always ask yourself about it is “Does it make sense with this coord?” If there’s a baking theme in the coord or something like that, an apron could fit in quite nicely, the same would go for an Alice in Wonderland themed coord (just be careful to keep it Lolita and don’t just let it become an Alice costume). But if there’s no obvious reason to have an apron in the coord, it usually isn’t going to make sense and will therefore throw everything off.

I think tumblr ate my question, but I asked if you know anywhere I can get affordable heart aprons?

The first one to come to mind is the one on this dress (it’s detachable.) Most of the ones I’ve seen are brand so they’re a bit more pricy. (I assume by affordable you mean you’re on a lower budget.) I’ve also seen patterns for them though so you could make your own if you sew.

for bodyline's L457, would you recommend wearing it with or without the apron? i have it and it's adorable, i'm just unsure if the apron suits the fashion well.

Either way depending on the coordinate. In Lolita, aprons tend to actually work the best on printed dresses because on solid colored dress it’s easier for people to confuse you for Alice or a maid. In the case of this JSK I think the apron is cute but it isn’t going to work for everything. If you’re looking to tone the dress down, take off the apron, but if you want a super sweet, possibly OTT look, the apron can be a cute addition.

Can a full apron work on a more classic coord instead of a maid look? I wanted to give a mori girl feel to it but i'm afraid it won't look right.

It can work okay if you use the right apron with the right dress. Look for things that don’t have many frills, maybe just a simple design. Also be careful with the accessories so it doesn’t come off looking like a maid. Another thing to try instead of a regular apron would be a dress that is fit to look like an apron. Here are a few examples of things you could try: