I personally thought that the Bodyline L290 JSK would be incredibly cute for an OTT sweet lolita coord, but I see a bunch of Lolita tumblrs saying mean things about it, even going so far as to say that they would personally arrange to have something spilled on it if they saw anyone wearing it! Is it really that bad? :(

It’s not that bad, people get carried away, but it’s not fantastic either in my opinion. I think it might be the bold colors that does it, especially in the black colorway. There’s a lot of colors going on and overlapping with each other that just makes it a bit much in my opinion. Had they used more pastel colors rather than the red and the orange I think it would look better, or if the background was just a solid color without the stripes (although then I would still find the black version to look really odd.)
Its not my favorite dress, but it’s certainly not a dress that would make me purposely spill a drink on someone.

Is Bodyline's L290 JSK a replica of anything?

Nope, it’s original.

do you have any links to pics of bl's l290 jsk in black?? The print seems a bit bold on the black color in the stock photos, but i wondered if maybe it looked nicer in person.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find any. If anyone else has any please share!

Do you know what color "ora" is for BL's L290 JSK? It makes me think orange, but it looks like a darker pink, so . . . I'm really confused. ^^;

That is… really odd. I would think it’s orange but you’re right, it just looks like a darker pink. You can see it better in this picture. That’s too dark to be the pink one.