Hi! I just asked you a question about bodyline's L136 and you kindly answered! <3 I will take it in sax and pink but what blouse do you think I should take? I looked up and I wanted a log sleeved one since its already cold here but all Bodyline's white blouses seems to be sold out ;-;

They are running a bit short on long-sleeved white blouses aren’t they? Out of what is still available, I do like this one but I don’t think the ruffles would look good with a JSK. Your best long-sleeved option may be this. I know some people aren’t fans of the look of a fully shirred blouse, but because you’ll be wearing it with a JSK it won’t be at all noticeable and it might actually be a good idea because the sleeves are detachable so you could wear it other times of the year.

Hello! I'm putting together my first coordinate,and I have decided on getting Bodyline's JSK L031 in blue, and I was wondering out of the Blouses L075, L009, and L373, which you thought suited it best and in which color? Thanks! <3

I would say 075 in white. I would say 373 but white is sold out and I think that’s the color that would work best. I never recommend 009 to anyone unless they’re wearing it with something rabbit themed.

Ummm... I'm looking at putting together my first coord, and I was wondering what you thought of Bodyline's L075 blouse in black with their L187 skirt in red...? I know the pattern's really busy, but I thought maybe if I keep it simple with black patterned tights, and maybe some wine or red colored shoes and accessories, it might look pretty nice? I'm not the biggest fan of the shirt, but I'm a large chested girl, and I don't want to buy a custom blouse unless I like the fashion... Thank you!!!

I think it’s decent. You’re right, the skirt is a bit busy but I don’t think it’s too bad. I would however just recommend plain black tights rather than anything with a pattern. I was a bit iffy about the skirt at first because it looks pretty bad on the model but it looks better on the mannequin. I think they just used a really bad petticoat for the model (probably one of their own and it may have been on it’s last legs from being used for several photos) not to mention the way she’s holding out which just looks stupid because she’s pulling it out farther than it naturally should go.
Anyway, I was going to say that if you don’t like the blouse you should get a different blouse, but I understand that if you’re just getting it as an idea to see if you like Lolita or not you probably wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of getting a custom blouse unless you absolutely could not find anything that fits otherwise.

What do you think of Bodyline's L075..?

I actually have that blouse. Because it’s fully shirred I prefer to wear it under things because I’m not a fan of the look of fully shirred blouses, but overall I like it a lot.