wonderful blog! i have 3 questions:1
1. i love lolita and i've loved it for two years. i do not own anything lolita, only fairy kei. i would love to buy a dress. i cant afford real brands, so i wanted to buy a replica, but is that wrong?
im afraid that if i wear outside, or for a meeting, someone will notice and think im a bad lolita. what can i do?
2. im 12 years old. a lot of people tell me that im "too young to be lolita" and i find that really unfair. why do i have to be "old enough" to wear a fashionstyle i love?!
3. im afraid to go to a meetup. the lolitas in my country are really sweet, but they are 18 - 26 years old. im 12. they all have adorable clothes. i dont. i dont know what to do, i wanna be a part of the community, but im afraid that the people that comes to the meetup will think bad of me. what to do?

These are all really good questions that I think apply to a lot of Lolitas.

1. Go ahead and buy replicas. 9 out of 10 times, nobody will care as long as your outfit is well coordinated and put together. As long as the dress is good quality and your outfit looks good as a whole, you shouldn’t have any problems. I’m pretty sure most people who say bad things about replicas are just trying to start drama for their own amusement.

2. 12 is not too young to wear Lolita. If someone says you’re too young you just have to prove to them that you’re not by acting mature. I think a lot of people say that though because of money reasons. They may think that since you’re so young you may not be able to handle paying for the clothes and also that your young age may make you immature and cocky. They might think that because you are young, you won’t know how to coordinate your outfits well or that you might be immature at meetups.
Don’t worry about it though! Like I said, just show them that you can be mature. They may even be surprised when they find out that you’re so young!

3. I find that no matter what your age is, it’s always good to bring a friend to a meetup. Even if your friend isn’t a Lolita, bringing a friend with you can be helpful because if you don’t feel like part of the group, you still have someone to talk to. Try to be part of the group though! Try to find things that you have in common with other girls besides just Lolita. I would also recommend waiting to go to a meetup until you have one nice outfit you can wear. Having a good, well put together outfit can make you feel confident around the older Lolitas.