Name: Kelsey Elizabeth
Age: 17
Age I became interested in Lolita: 13
Age I started wearing Lolita: 15
Your style of choice: It really changes day by day but most of the time I pick either Sweet Lolita or Wa Lolita.
Why I chose to wear Lolita: I am in love with the way Lolitas look and act. Personally I think that the modest and well natured personality of Lolitas fit my personality. Plus, it's no fun to be just like everyone else!
How you discovered Lolita: I had a research paper for school about Japan and I just found out about it through that.
My favorite Lolita item in my wardrobe: My petticoat, it's my saving grace! Haha!
A special talent of mine: I'm a painter! I'm currently working on Alice in Wonderland inspired paintings.

I love my petticoats so much. I’m glad someone said that. I feel like Lolita wouldn’t be Lolita without them.