You've done a great job of categorizing almost every bit of information one could want on the subject. Having said that, I'm a boy and some of your technical details on dressing are useless to me because I don't have a girl's body. I'm not asking you to rewrite the tumblr to apply to both genders (though that would be cool) but is there someplace I should look that can tell me what I need to know? Thank you so much!

The biggest thing you would need actually is knowledge of where to get things that come in custom sizes, that way you can get something that is made specifically to fit your body and I have talked a bit about places you can go to get things custom sized. I do have a brolita tag but there isn’t a whole ton of information in it, but what I do have should be of some help to you.
I actually can’t think of any active communities or blogs specifically for male Lolitas at the moment, but if anyone reading this has any links, please share them!