Ringing in the New Year With a Sweet Mildred Giveaway Presented by Lolita Tips

I was recently contacted by Millie of Sweet Mildred on etsy about putting together a giveaway for some of the products. I was very excited to actually be contacted for something like this as I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration giveaway.

The theme of this giveaway is chocolate! There will be two winners, both selected by a random generator. The first name the generator chooses will be the first place winner and the second chosen will be the second place winner.

The first place winner will get their choice between the large pink bow or the large brown bow and the second place will get the one that isn’t chosen.The first place winner will also receive the blue star two way accessory.

The second place winner will get their choice between the small brown bow or the small ivory bow (sorry, the small pink bow is not available) and the first place winner will receive the one that wasn’t chosen.


  • You don’t have to be following me but the more the merrier
  • It isn’t mandatory but you should really check out Sweet Mildred and add the shop to your etsy favorites (If you like the stuff enough to want to be part of the giveaway you like it enough to favorite it)
  • You must be 18+ or have your parents’ permission
  • One like and one reblog will count. It would be great if you reblogged it more than once just to get it around but tumblr will only show me one reblog per person.
  • The giveaway will end Monday, December 31, 2012 (New Year’s eve) at midnight EST. The winners will be announced on New Year’s day. 
  • Keep your ask box open! If you don’t have an ask box I certainly can’t tell you that you’ve won now can I?
  • No giveaway blogs!

Happy Holidays and good luck from Lolita Tips and Sweet Mildred!

Oh, and one more thing! On December 26th at midnight EST, Sweet Mildred will be holding their first lucky pack event! Lucky packs can be purchased for $25, $50, or $100 and there are options for Classic, Gothic, or Sweet.