Romantic Rose Letter Shooting ♥

Yesterday my RRL arrived and because of the very nice weather today, my mom and I decided to do a small photoshooting ♥♥♥♥
Here are some of the pictures my mom took ^_____^

Thanks mom!
I love you, always will ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hi! I'm fairly new to lolita and didn't find out about the reservations of Chess Story's Le Printemps dresses until after it was too late. I would love to be able to purchase it, and saw that in a recent ask you mentioned it "won’t actually get to customers until the end of June". Does this mean that the people who ordered it won't get it until June, or that Chess Story is likely to put it up for actual sale in June? Thank you so much! :)

It means that the people who ordered it won’t get it until June. That being said, some shops will make extras that will be available for purchase at that time. Some items are strictly reservation only but it’s worth checking around that time just to see. If it’s not available to purchase then you can always look around second hand. Even with offbrand dresses like this you’ll often find that people will preorder something or buy it as soon as its released and then decide that they don’t like it when they try it on and they’ll sell it right away.

Do you think this jsk is bell shaped or a shaped? It looks like it could be a shaped, but it also kinda looks bell shaped to me. item(.)taobao(.)com/item(.)htm?spm=a1z10.5(.)w4002-2758687363(.)50(.)H5fseb&id=15279743184

I would definitely go with bell.

Do you have any suggestions on how to coordinate red RHS (ballet style)? I really like country style, especially things with strawberry or cherry themes (I thought the red wouldn't be too difficult to match with). So far all I have is an unknown Metamorphose OP I got off Closet Child; it has a red print with cherries and daisies.

It sounds like the things you like match perfectly with the shoes you have. Strawberries and cherries are great themes to work into Country Lolita and you can do so with just about any print that has them and it’s very easy to find said prints all over the place. Tons of brands have made them, Bodyline has made them, just look around different shops or even just make a WTB post for strawberry and cherry prints. The strawberries/cherries will give you just enough red for the shoes to look great. You could wear plain tights so the straps from the shoes don’t have any prints to compete with and then a straw bag and hat to give it a very Country feel. 

What do you think of Infanta's Creamy Cat Chiffon blouse? I plan on getting the cream one and wearing mostly classic (occasionally realistic sweet), but as it will be my first blouse purchase, I'm a little worried about a fabric that looks so delicate in pictures. Thanks for your help!

I think it’s adorable and would be a good option for a first blouse for Classic coords. It does look delicate but that’s just sort of the nature of chiffon. It’s more durable than it looks though, I would just be careful when washing it. 

So I just got the l411 in black and there's a bit of an issue with the shirring. The dress still fits me fine, but my boobs are kinda big and the top 2 rows creep up onto my bust and make it look weird. Would you say it's OK to take them out entirely?

If it looks weird I would definitely do something about it which probably means removing the two problem rows. I would keep the rest though since they’re what gives the dress a lot of its shape unless you’re good at alterations and were going to remove the shirring and alter it to make the bodice fit better altogether. 

I just like to know your opinion on Rococo Soul's United States of Chocolate? And if you think it would match F+F's Love Theme Cutsew?

I think the JSK is super cute and I think it would probably look very nice with that top. My only concern is if the opaque neckline of the cutsew would show from the neckline of the JSK. If all you can see is the sheer parts of the cutsew I think it would look great but if little pieces of that sweetheart neckline peek out from the square neckline of the JSK I don’t think it would look very good. I think the neckline of the JSK is high enough that it wouldn’t be a problem though and if it is I think there are ways around it, like taking that big bow they show you in the picture where it has all the accessories and use that at the neckline to cover it up.

What do you think of fan + friend ""Judgement": Alice Lolita Poker JSK&Dress&Hairdress 3pcs Set*3colors" ? I think it's very pretty but I'm not sure how I would coord it? Would it come with the wristcuffs? I want to buy it in blue and pair it with blue and white stockings and an Alice apron, but I'm not sure how it would conflict with the organdy overdress.

I think it’s super cute and I like that the overdress is a seperate piece so you could wear it as just a JSK with a blouse instead of as an OP. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with the wristcuffs but in all honesty I think they look very silly. I also wouldn’t put it with an apron. I think the point of the overdress is that it has a sort of apron-esque look without looking exactly like one to avoid looking like an exact Alice costume. If you really wanted to wear it with an apron I would do so without the overdress, but I think there are much better ways to coord it than that. I feel like the whole point of the design is that it draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland without saying “Look at me I’m Alice!” 
I think blue and white legwear would work fine, or you could just do white, or white with a bit of an Alice theme like these. Then you could do black shoes and if you wanted wristcuffs I would go with more traditional Lolita lace wristcuffs, probably in white.

Submission: Cute plugs

To offer some body-safe options for lolitas with stretched ears, this site (i know their shop from a body mod blog that they help moderate) is full of kawaii goodness that could be lovely for sweet lolita! Like donut plugs! 

And look at these sweet teacups <3 

and even icecream! 

The inlays are polymer clay, inside body-safe steel ear tunnels. She manufactures from size 00g to 1 inch and they typically run under $40.

Response from Lolita Tips:

These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!