Hi! So my wardrobe mainly consists of wine and off-white pieces, and I want to branch out some! What colours would you suggest adding that would mix well with what I already have?

I think brown or navy would work really well with the wine and off-white is versatile enough for both. If you like a darker look you could also do black. 

would haenuli's new planetary dreamer design in purple (the one with the unicorns) look good with black blouse/tights etc?

I think the purple is dark enough that black would work perfectly.

Can I ask for a good website to find Circle Lenses at? I don't much trust google searching things cause I don't know what's a scam or not. ( I'm paranoid now because I bought my first dress from Milanoo without knowing they were horrible.)

The circle lenses I’ve had have been from Honey Color. They carry a variety of brands and styles and it’s very easy to find reviews for most of the specific brands they have if you want more information on what you’re buying.

Hello, I was wondering what you think the lace on Anna House's 016-1312 and 016-1193 is like. And do you think 016-1312 would work for gothic or is it a bit too sweet?

The lace isn’t the best but it’s also not the worst and since it’s the same color as the blouses and doesn’t stand out it’s fine. And I think with the right coord 1312 could work fine with Gothic.

Thank you for your help with my boots question. What types of shoes are good for Classic Lolita?

If you’re looking for boots, something with a more Victorian feel is great like these for example:

Oxford heels are also popular:

Then there are shoes that have a very Lolita look in general with bows and ankle straps but are more elegant and mature for Classic Lolita:

There are definitely more options out there though. Always remember that if you have a question like this you can look through my tags. The inspiration tag is where all of the pictures I reblog will go but more specifically I would take a look at the shoes you see in the Classic Lolita tag.

Any taobao accessories you think would go well with btssb's rosa mystica jsk in pink? thank you!

As far as head accessories go I can really see it with a fancy hat. You could do something with a lot of flowers to play off the floral lace, something with some lace and dripping pearls like the dress, or something similar but a tiny bit simpler. There are other styles of headwear you can do too like round headdresses, fuller headdresses, and more simple floral arrangements.

Hey! I am planning on making my first purchase soon, and was relying on Bodyline's shoes272 in brown... however, they don't come in my size. Do you know of any shoes similar to those? (preferably around the same price, too)

They’re a little taller and a lighter brown, but Payless has these similar oxfords.

What do you think about AP's Katrina OP/JSK? I think it's absolutely gorgeous ;0; I'm thinking about purchasing it in black, because I could pair it with any other colour. The mint kinda one is lovely too. I'm happy that the bust size is big enough to accommodate me, since I usually have some trouble!~~

Oh I think it’s gorgeous. The lace is phenomenal, the details are beautiful, I really adore it in every color.

Hey, anon! I happen to have the f+f baroque pipe organ skirt in grey that I've been considering selling, it's a size lady90 i think? (Tag says eur90 so yeah)

Great! If anon (or anyone else for that matter) is interested, you know who to talk to!

Whats the difference between a ballshaped and bellshaped?

"Ball" shaped would be a typo.