My friend wants to become a plus size lolita model any recommendations?

My suggestion would be to keep an eye out for conventions and Lolita events that are going to be holding fashion shows for indie brands. They always have models and often have open sign-ups and I’ve seen a lot of plus sized models in them because the brands that offer larger sizes like to advertise that. I also suggest paying attention to indie brands and maybe getting in contact with a few that make plus sized items to see if they need anyone to model them.
She should also get together with a photographer and work on getting a portfolio together. She could make contacts at meetups and online and maybe put together a website or online portfolio to help her get discovered by shops and photographers looking for models. 

So I have a red lolita dress, it's pretty classic and has a big skirt...I'm not a huge fan of red cause I feel self conscious about sticking out, and my arms are really dark compared to my face (I think). Is there anyway I can wear this and not look like a sore thumb? I've had the dress for a few months now and all I can help myself to do is just try it on and look at the mirror.

Try toning down the red by coordinating it with another color. Black is a good basic color that would do a good job of taking some attention away. You could add a black bolero or cardigan with long sleeves that will cover up the top half so it’s more like a red skirt, or you could hide some of the red a bit with an overskirt like this which would be gorgeous but it would definitely stand out more than the other option.

Is casual lolita a thing? I've admired lolita clothes for quite some time now, and I think it'd be cool to try out, but most lolita outfits i see have a lot of accessories and such. On top of not having much money, I'm not a big fan of jewelry. Is there still a way I can participate?

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this is a really unimportant question but!! do you know why light blue is referred to as "sax"?

It’s short for “saxon blue” which is a type of dye. I believe it creates several different shades of blue though so why it tends to be used for that light blue in Lolita I’m not entirely sure.

Do you know of any sewing themed accessories? I know Metamorphose did a series called Sewing Lesson, but they are made to match the dress colors instead of the theme. It's a classic dress, but it looks good with pretty much every color. I just wanted to know if there were any sewing machine, measuring tape, pincushion, spools of thread, etc. type lolita accessories that you could recommend.

If you’re crafty there’s a lot you can do with actual antique sewing items. I’ve seen embroidery scissors strung and used as necklaces, spools of ribbon and lace used in hair accessories, measuring tapes used as ribbons, etc. Here’s a few examples that I loved:





You can also find a lot of pre-made things on etsy. “Seamstress jewelry” and “seamstress accessories” are both good starting points for an etsy search that can lead you to a lot of great items, many of which have an antique look that is perfect for Classic Lolita.

Hello! I was wondering, is it considered taboo to coordinate a lolita dress in a similar way to the stock photos? I am considering purchasing White Moon Rose Letter JSK which I ADORE, but I really enjoy the way they corded it in their stock photographs with the bonnet and blouse. Is it ok to do what they did?

That’s perfectly fine. It’s a gorgeous coord and they didn’t give you the entire thing, just the dress, blouse, and hair accessory so you still have plenty of room to make it your own with legwear, shoes, bag, jewelry, etc.

Do you think it would arrive by Oct. 3 if I ordered from F+F on Sep. 3? I want the Barogue Pipe Organ JSK so bad for a convention I'm attending. T-T

Since it is listed as an instant shipping item, as long as you aren’t getting it custom sized you should definitely get it in time according to their help section.



A few photos from the Secret Rose Boudoir tea party I attended~ It was my first tea party and my first lolita coord. I had an amazing time!
also here~

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
Head Dress: Handmade
Shoes: Offbrand
Tights/gloves: Taobao
Fan/Jewelry: Vintage

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Some photos from Austen & Abbey Lolita weekend!

Jsk: Innocent World Delft Lotta in pink brown

Top: chiffon blouse Taobao

Tights: Grimoire

Shoes: offbrand


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I am trying to coordinate Bodyline's Military Sweets Jsk. I really like the look of mostly black coordinates with a few touches of color. However, I am stuck on the socks- would Angelic Pretty's Loyalty over-knee socks look better or their Starry ight theatre socks? Would you reccomend either? If not, what would you recommend? Thank you so much! I'm really stuck!

Out of the two I would definitely say the Loyalty OTKs. They better suit the Military theme better. The others don’t really fit at all in my opinion.